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Framework similar to cpcrslib but based on JavaME?


EDIT: First, I should probably mention, that JavaME = Java Micro Edition, used for developing mobile games.

Being a JavaME sparetime game-developer, I've been thinking for quite a long time of ways to easily port my games to the CPC. My first thoughts about this is to create a little framework on top of the cpcrslib. I thus want to create methods with names found in JavaME, like for example create a class named Graphics, which handles most graphics stuff.
Graphics g = getGraphics();
g.drawString("Hello", x, y, anchor);

So I would create this Graphics class, which will then simply call cpcrslib methods to perform the CPC equivalent action.

But that of course sounds like the CPU will be working hard, performing 2 calls for each action I want to perform.... unless the compiler is very clever and optimizes stuff like that out?

In any case, I think making a JavaME-like framework could be good for the CPC, since mobile games are kind of limited also, and would probably be suitable for the CPC because of that alone. I'm not saying it should be Java language. C is close enough I reckon, to take the main JavaME code and convert to C, if there is a framework containing most the JavaME classes.

Now, before you comment, please note that I'm not saying I'm going to make such a framework. I'm not that hardcore. But I like the idea.

Thoughts anyone?


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