Author Topic: How do you export Basic code from WinApe emulator to text file?  (Read 445 times)

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I have written some code in Locomotive Basic that I would like to export as txt file.

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I'll answer the bit I do know about, but I don't know how you've got the emulater set up, so I cannot say a lot about that.

You'll need to LOAD the BASIC code back into Loco BASIC, and then resave it as ASC which is normally:


If you don't put the extension in, the file will be saved as .BAS which might overwrite your actual .BAS file, which you may not want.   The ,A on the end forces the save as ASC (i.e. plain text) rather than the encoded (tokenised) BASIC.

Then, you need to put the file somewhere that you can get at it when you come out of WinApe, and that will depend on how things are set up, and what you want to do with it later.


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I am planning on doing some BASIC programming when I get a little time, but I was going to type the code into Notepad++ on my PC then paste it into WinAPE, saving it once it's working. The reason is that I'm not used to the Amstrad keyboard layout yet, and it should make it quicker.

Am I making life difficult for myself?