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How to convert sndh files to arkos tracker files?

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--- Quote from: Bug Powell on 22:44, 12 June 21 ---thank you very much tronic! your answer is perfect, it helped me a lot. I finally managed to play some music on my cpc.

--- End quote ---

One more thing.
From point 3. (see above, once .ym is exported) Arkos Tracker comes with an option (Tools->YM analyzer) that deals with ym formats.
In fact, with this option you can read/play/import a small portion of the ym music from one channel (A,B or C), and so then (re)using it as instruments into arkos tracker.
It's a kind of way for "ripping" instruments from the original (sndh) music or simply to "see/hear" how it is done.

Have a try...


Quick complementary answer, the best way is probably to ask a musician to perform the conversion. Creating a  converter from a register stream to AT2 would be very unreliable and unoptimized...


--- Quote from: tronic on 20:04, 12 June 21 ---Hi,
You can "for example" do that :

1. Get a .sndh filemusic (tons there :
2. Get ayemul :
3. Play/Convert/export sndh filemusic with ayemul to ym6 format (.ym)
4. Uncompress (use 7zip or lha or...) the generated ym6 (.ym) file because it's compressed, usually with lha - You get then a "Ay_Emul.ym" file.
5. Use a tool to "transform" this uncompressed "Ay_Emul.ym" to ayc format :
 - What's ayc :
 - Toolz for doing that :
 a) (windows)
 b) (on cpc)
6. You get now an "Ay_Emul.ayc" that can be play on cpc with the AYC player
7. Player+song (assemble/run with winape emulator)

Link to all of that, there (zip file) :

[edit] Forgot link to explain what is ym6 format, there :

--- End quote ---
Great but, too bad it's not working for "specials features" as SiD Voices, SyncBuzz etc...


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