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Title: How to Make?
Post by: DoctorCPC on 01:22, 06 June 21
Hello Dear CPC Fans,
I am good at C programming language. Unfortunately, I don't know about assembly. I want to demo with C programming language. I have read several documents on this subject. Do you have any recommendations for demo with the c programming language? Or would it be wrong to try to demo with the C programming language? As a result, it will be necessary to write an assembly routine. It may be difficult for me to learn z80 assembly at this age. waiting for your advice.
Title: Re: How to Make?
Post by: asertus on 10:10, 06 June 21
Using C you can do a lot of stuff. You can avoid assembler, at the beginning, by using one of the existing CPC frameworks and libraries, cpctelera, cpcrslib.. that are very good for game development.

But maybe for an impacting demo you will need to use assembler...
Title: Re: How to Make?
Post by: m_dr_m on 11:33, 06 June 21
Great! That's so inspiring to see CPC beginners !

Z80 is easy to learn at any age, all the most with C experience you should have a proper model of memory & pointers :)

If you don't wish to install anything, you can cheat and try here: https://rasmlive.amstrad.info/
There are tons of examples, from simple rasters to whole games!

Title: Re: How to Make?
Post by: DoctorCPC on 00:43, 07 June 21
I think you're right, but I'll look into the c and cpc libraries first. I will do something with them myself. Then I will research the z80 issue. I've never left cpc, but I've always been programming with basic. In 1992, when I was in the 2nd grade of primary school, I attended the BASIC program course. the course was basic programming course with amstrad cpc. but I couldn't find the time to go into programming. but i will try again.