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Not much to tell for now, but I wanted to start a thread here.

WIP menu, very likely to change!

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Hyperdrive (working title) is a vertical SHMUP targetting 64K (CPC, no plus features planned) and cartridge: CPC+ and Dandanator; the CPR will load on a GX4000, M4 (untested for now), emulators supporting CPC+, the Dandanator is supported by emulators (RVM2, CPCEC and others?) and can be used with the hardware add-on.

You may know a shooter I released for the MSX (Uchussen Gamma). It won't be a port, but I want to push further some ideas I tried on that game (e.g. the chain mechanic).

it is starting to look like I can make the game I want:

But it is very early on and I'm not 100% confident this will end well :D, so be patient and I'll update here as things progress.

As always, you can follow updates in my twitter and my blog.

And what about your CRPG ? It is in hold ?


--- Quote from: Arnaud on 11:45, 20 November 21 ---And what about your CRPG ? It is in hold ?

--- End quote ---

The CRPG is a long one, this will be shorter. When I'm stuck, I can always continue with the CRPG.

There are so many things to do, at this point is easy to show progress :laugh:

I'm going to start building the entity engine basics now, and will go back to revisit the sprites performance when I have some actual gameplay in place.

I'm still unsure on how many thing will be able to move on screen at the same time.

Tested the CPR with my 464, an M4 and my Sony Trinitron, and it all works fine!

I don't even know what type of CRCT my CPC has, but AFAIK what I'm doing should work the same in all types.

Anyway, *I had* to test this to be sure!


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