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BonnyDOS to FAT16 (users list)
« on: 14:22, 07 December 11 »
I talked about it with MiguelSky...and like him...
I send an email to Brüeggi (Timo Brueggman) asking about BonnyDOS and he was so sad cause the missing feed-back about his work...
He want 50 -Symbiface / BonnyDOS / IDE-8255 / other interfaces?- users to back to bonnyDOS v2 (FAT16 support)... perhaps not so many people... but near?? 20 users???

Brüeggi sold all CPC stuff but in a CD-ROM maybe keeps an early version of BonnyDOS FAT16 version. He was on it, but bored about it too. What a shame!!

If you want to increase the list answer please!!!...
I will investigate on it, create a txt file or something like with users list, put it here and send it to Brüeggi.
Some people this summer...,1848.msg24597.html#msg24597

Maybe is needed an english traduction of BonnyDOS manual to bring in more new users... BonnyDOS - CPCWiki I will make it with G**gleTranslator from Spanish version...

We need more IDEinterface users too but there is actually a new really working interface like symbiface?

BonnyDOS users LIST:    [to Brüeggi request: -43]
1- MiguelSky
2- Joseman
3- Madhatter

4- RockRiver
5- Xesrjb
6- Prodatron (supposed ;)

7- Deepfb
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