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Started by Zeppo69, 18:16, 02 November 21

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Hi there,
i am a big fan of MPAGD. It is a great engine to create own games quite easily. With some friends i am working on several projects.
At the moment we focus on "Moritz on the Autobahn" and i think the guys will take a rest after that!
Sadly another game has been neglected: "Beethovens Revenge".
Maybe someone in the forum is interested to join the party.
At the moment the graphics are lame (except some little sprites my wife designed).
I used some blocks as dummies, so i could create the "maze".
If YOU are interested, just give me a sign;-)
The story: The much too powerful and blatantly arrogant rock'n roll guitar Mike has conquered the world. After he has won the music battle he incarcerated the classic componists in the catacombs of a home for the elderly. But not enough, he was hiding all classical instruments!!! Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart are sitting desperated in their prisons, when a big fat lazy plectrum felt asleep and Beethoven frees himself. He has the mission in plain sight: free his classic buddies, collect the instruments and fight the evil guitar. But first Beethoven has to collect  a hearing aid,  some "Mozartkugeln", sausages and other stuff to bribe the guards etc.. When he frees Mozart and Chopin they have to go up to the luxury appartements of the elderly home. There are deaf and angry residents using their sticks, wheelchairs and  wheeled walkers to fight our brave trio. Hopefully the three musketeers of classical music will survive, to get into the park, where they face MIKE THE GUITAR, who is sitting on his jukebox throwing dimes! Beethoven is only armed with his TA TA TA TAAA!

As said, graphics are horrible at the moment and except some sprites nothing is done.

If someone is interested in getting part of the "Team Moritz" collective, you are welcome!
I am using a very easy code at the moment and will of of course explain how it is working.

I posted it in the german section before, but i assume i have to enlarge the audience to find at least one motivated person ;-)


Sebastian (Team Moritz)

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