Need help on reading exporting files from DSK Image

Started by drazil, 14:23, 05 July 20

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i am on the way to develop a java based DSK Image reader which is working so far.

I use Manage DSK to check my results.

But in one case i don't know how to solve it.
What i have learned so far is, that normal files have a header with checksum which ASCII files haven't
When i now try to export one of these files everything is working fine.

But i found out that some files are not ASCII and doesn't have a header, too. For example the AMSDOS.COM file.
Is there any further documentation on this issue or do i have a fallacy?

Kind regards


Well I can't help you sadly, but just wanna say cool that you're doing a CPC tool in Java.  :)
Good to see other Java coders here.  :)


Thank you,
if you are interested in what i am working on
Here is the link :

once grown up, it wants to be an ide for classic computing. Not only for cpc computers but also for commodore, atari,..



AMSDOS files (they are the ones that can be loaded or run through BASIC, or via CAS/DISC calls in the firmware) contain an AMSDOS header that has the checksum among other information. But not all files need to have AMSDOS header. For example CP/M files (with the extension of COM) won't have any AMSDOS header since they're meant to be run from CP/M, and CP/M doesn't know anything about AMSDOS. A text file may or may not have an AMSDOS header. It's all dependent on the interpreting program.

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