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Title: Need volunteer French speaking with little BASIC knowledge
Post by: skylas on 20:16, 03 June 21
Hi all,

Some days ago, I received a translated code for BUDRUMI (new text adventure game) in French, in a txt file.

I tried to fix many errors, as I the translation had affected the code, and I did that. But there are many points that I cant fix, due to the fact that I dont know French.
Most problems are missing <e> or <a> in the text, and another problem is the text display on the screen (eg make the text a bit shorter to fit on the screen, line-full, or change the coordinates of locate command).

So, the level of BASIC knowledge we need is not so advanced, just locate, print, and use gosub to check how text is displayed in each sections. Some routines which seem that result in fail of loading can be easily faced with little guidance from me.

We would like if anyone wants to help, so that the translator's work will result in a French version.

Of course you will be mentioned in the menu page.

dsk attached.
Game in English:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgavHEwWnag (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgavHEwWnag)