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Hi fellows, Einar Saukas made a new promising cruncher!
Average ratio like exomizer, very slow crunching (i mean, VERY) but faster decrunch than exomizer
Just tried it on Boulder Dash binary

--- Code: ---ZX0      : 10718
AP-Lib   : 10892
Exomizer : 11026
LZSA2    : 11415
ZX7      : 11651
--- End code ---


Sykobee (Briggsy):
An 82 byte fast and efficient decompressor is pretty nice, and I learned something - elias encoding - from reading about it.

Edit: Actually 69 bytes (same as ZX7) or 20% faster in 128 bytes in a more recent version.

This looks impressive. Just out of curiosity, how many seconds does it take to decode the boulder dash binary?


i broke my setup (because i'm doing ZX0 integration to rasm :D ) but they post a GFX of this
ZX0 seems to be as fast as ZX7 which is 4x slower than LDIR (exomizer is 15x slower than LDIR and fastest decrunch like LZ4 are 1.5x slower than LDIR)

This is really impressive !! thank you @roudoudou for sharing this with us  ;)


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