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Pros & Cons of a universal Z80 loader, the BSOS (Bootstrap or Bullshit?)

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This after all is exactly the problem CP/M tries to solve: abstracting basic I/O, abstracting disk I/O and then a command processor on top which gets replaced when you actually run something, leaving just the I/O functionality so the program can have as much RAM as possible.

For languages in particular, CP/M is a very good target as it's well standardised already and they could make it work on anything that supports CPM with little effort as long as they don't want to do any machine specific features.

In the early 90s, after I first used a speccy tape loader / saver from type-in in Amstrad Action, I was trying to make a cross-platform game for both platforms with a friend who had a Spectrum. But we spent all our times building the (terrible) framework to abstract the machines, we never actually got around to the game! But part of that is what keeps me mostly interested in tape 30 years later!


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