CPC-Flipscreen competition

Started by Devilmarkus, 14:21, 17 August 09

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Hi together,
I want to invite you to a "CPC-Flipscreen-competition".

Some flipping effects are really cool on old-cpc's.

I mean MODE 0/MODE 1 page flipping.

So, who is interested to take part here?

All, what you need, are 2 CPC screens with 16k.
- MODE 0 screen to load to &C000
- MODE 1 screen to load to &4000 beginning with the same palette inks like the MODE 0 screen

Here's my example and a DSK with the code on it:


BTW.: These screens look best on a REAL CPC!!! Because 50hz frequency cannot be shown well on a 60-100hz PC monitor.
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You may ask to SuperSylvestre , it is his speciality (Climax)
"NOP" is the perfect program : short , fast and (known) bug free

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That's a nice idea :) But I feel we must wait a bit for the summer to be over and then announce it with pomp and fanfare :D

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