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Software pixel scrolling

Started by fano, 21:11, 02 May 10

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Are these standard Speccy microdrives then? I do bet there's an army of speccy nerds out there willing to pull them apart :D


I'll be getting a QL sometime near in the future and it shouldn't be too difficult to copy the microdrives to a 3.5" disk and then creating a dsk file for our pleasure.


Hey, I just realised I *do* have a QL :D


Quote from: Grim on 22:43, 02 May 10
If you're after speed so badly, I would suggest to drop the slow byte-shift-thing and directly redraw the complete background using pre-shifted tiles/bitmaps in memory
That was the good solution , thank you for the hint  ;)
"NOP" is the perfect program : short , fast and (known) bug free

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