Winape Breakpoint Chunk format ?

Started by krusty_benediction, 16:31, 07 November 21

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Hello,Winape is able to load breakpoint chunks in snapshots.The only documentation I found is there:

QuoteBreakpoint chunk has the name "BRKS". The chunk contains 1 or more breakpoints.
Each breakpoint has the form:
2 byte address 1 byte code (0=base 64K RAM, 1 = extended RAM) 2 bytes condition
But what about the description of the condition ? Does anyone have already reverse-engineered  some snapshot to guess its content ?
In another page, I have found another breakpoint chunk for winape: which seems to be more complex but the sentence
QuoteThe exact details are begin worked out.
does not make me confident to try to implement it. Is there more informatio nsomwhere ?

I have a added a basic breakpoint support to my assembler (only based on addresses), but I'd like to play with conditions too.


In RASM, condition is always zeroed for an "always break" condition for BRKS segment
i did not try WABP chunks

use RASM, the best assembler ever made :p

I will survive

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