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Started by mikeburns, 22:59, 08 January 21

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Anyone interested in a new Sprite designer/editor tool ? I know there are many out there but I did search before spending the time writing this and found nothing that did what I wanted. It's only a beta with fairly basic functionality but I might build it out if anyone else likes it.



Hi Mike.

This is a great little tool which I'm finding very helpful with my current project.

I'm wondering if you'd consider adding a number of things:
1) Setting the colours to the default mode 0 palette at CPC boot time (or providing a .pal file for this purpose)
2) Allowing the sprite dimensions to be edited without the use of column/row removal
3) Allowing filenames to have more than 8 characters when saving a palette
4) Not forcing the filename to uppercase when saving a palette
5) Scaling the sprite preview at the left of the sprite editing window to fill the available space for the preview, taking sprite dimensions into account
6) BUG: When the number of columns is set to a low number (like 5) by using Remove Column repeatedly, removing another column actually removes 2 columns. Trying to add one column back in will add 2 columns back in.

In any case, thanks so much for the work you've put into it so far.

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