Author Topic: ...stuck in Anti-Aliasing with BASIC  (Read 1061 times)

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...stuck in Anti-Aliasing with BASIC
« on: 15:34, 02 December 11 »
Just for fun I wanted to program an anti-aliasing effect in basic and got stuck. The routine uses the "Xiaolin Wu's line algorithm" ( A simple and "fast" algorithm which calucates distances of an ideal line to it's real coordinates (so... what I hopefully understand right). With that distance a certain colorcode could be calculated.
Now I started two basic programs in BASIC on the DSK attached. One which draws a line and another one which draws a circle. I think I have mathematical rounding problems and/or plotting on the right coordinates, because of overlapping plotting pixel or something else. I don't know.
Does anybody has a clue or experiences in anti-aliasing?
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