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Title: Supercat - AA50 Type-ins.
Post by: AMSDOS on 10:30, 07 August 11
Some of the Type-ins from AA50 Suffered badly and this program was no exception, however I've tried polishing it up - all this program had (apart from a decent Introduction to it stuck on the opposite page) was a Machine Coded Poking the program to memory, so I scratch that and use a decent memory editor instead and save it as a Binary File and have all the instructions in a BASIC file (it uses several CALLs to set it up).
What this program offers is a way for Disc Users to Describe the files on your Discs upto 34 Characters in length. The best part about it is it doesn't need any specially formatted discs in order for this to work, so it will work on ordinary Data Discs. It's only setback is Speed, it seems to take a considerable amount of time for an standard directory to complete, the Screen Dump I've attached here took some 30 seconds to complete, otherwise it's not a bad idea.