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Started by dimdim80, 13:41, 20 December 21

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Dear forum members,
there is  hardware expansion for cpc that is truely amazing like duke's card,xmem and so on BUT there are no programmes to take advantage of this hardware.So i would like to propose if the senior programmers of the forum can start a topic with tutorials on how to make a game or adventure etc so that all others can get some basic insights and start creating software for our beloved machines.If the most experienced members of the forum share their knowledge i believe it would be beneficial for all.
Amiga has similar tutorials from phase on how to create games from scratch ,so if they can do it , so we can.
I expect you answers or opinions on this tipic.Thanks !


The LambdaSpeak from LambdaMikel has its own ROM with about 81 new RSX commands for Speech output, MP3 playing, PCM sample playing, LED control, serial terminal, RTC can temperature measurement.
The documentation is inside the download folder.
However if you miss something or are looking for some particular application then just let me know. Thanks!
http://futureos.de --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2022.03.09)
http://futureos.cpc-live.com/files/LambdaSpeak_RSX_by_TFM.zip --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


Quote from: dimdim80 on 13:41, 20 December 21Amiga has similar tutorials from phase on how to create games from scratch ,so if they can do it , so we can.



I'll echo eto above, I've learned assembly from the site above in the last few months.

Many tutorials I've found in the past start by assuming you already know assembler and just talk about the idiosyncrasies of the particular machine, but Keith starts from the beginning, and shows a very fast path to getting a complete program working, something of a hurdle with leaening assembler, there are a lot of details to cover before you can create a full program.

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