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Unassembled CPC6128 Firmware Now Available

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I've been working recently to 'unassemble' the Amstrad ROMs (firmware and BASIC). 'Unassemble' meaning that I'm taking the existing commented disassemblies and turning them back into source code which can be modified and assembled back into functional code. Including assembly to a different target address.

The firmware portion is now available at

I'm hoping this will be a useful starting point for anyone who wants to build a modified CPC, including support for additional hardware, or to port the CPC's 'OS' to other Z80 based systems.

The BASIC code should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Great work, thanks!

I'm likely to use this very neat modularisation when I'm ready to tackle:

This is great stuff, thank you!

Amazing stuff!


Excellent work, very clean, which I applaud.
Thank you! :-*


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