Author Topic: Using Adventuron to build a CP/M Text Adventure  (Read 449 times)

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Using Adventuron to build a CP/M Text Adventure
« on: 15:14, 22 August 20 »

I'm the author of a browser-based text adventure creation system called Adventuron.

I'm writing because I've added CPC CP/M export feature to Adventuron recently.

The one hour tutorial, replete with step by step copy and pasteable code snippets and animated gifs is here :

Games that you author (in 8-bit compatibility mode) will also play on ZX Spectrum +3 / ZX Spectrum Next, and more platforms are forthcoming.

Adventuron is still a code-based environment but it has autocomplete features that should accelerate development.

This work sits atop of the DAAD project, and if you like DAAD, but not Adventuron, then feel free to export that option too.