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Title: weltball
Post by: SRS on 23:04, 19 August 17
Just found this 1k BASIC-Start of a game. I do not remember what i wanted to prog so maybe someone here can use it to make a funny game ?

Code: [Select]
100 MODE 1:INK 0,0:BORDER 0:INK 1,11:INK 2,24:INK 3,6
105 FOR t=1 TO 300:PLOT RND*638,RND*400,RND*3+1:NEXT
110 DEG:FOR t=-1 TO 1 STEP 2:PLOT 320+t*320+(t=1)*2,0,3:DRAWR 0,(t=1)*-12:FOR x=92 TO 0 STEP -4:DRAW 320+t*SIN(x)*320,COS(x)*200:NEXT:NEXT
130 SYMBOL 240,&99,&FF,&99,&FF,&99,&FF,&99,&FF:SYMBOL 241,0,0,0,0,0,&18,&7E,&FF
150 FOR x=2 TO 9:FOR t=x-1 TO 1 STEP -1:LOCATE x,26-t:PRINT CHR$(240);:LOCATE 41-x,26-t:PRINT CHR$(240);:NEXT t:LOCATE x,26-x:PRINT CHR$(241);:LOCATE 41-x,26-x:PRINT CHR$(241);:NEXT
160 FOR x=8 TO 2 STEP -1:FOR t=x-1 TO 1 STEP -1:LOCATE 18-x,26-t:PRINT CHR$(240);:LOCATE 23+x,26-t:PRINT CHR$(240);:NEXT t:LOCATE 18-x,26-x:PRINT CHR$(241);:LOCATE 23+x,26-x:PRINT CHR$(241);:NEXT
170 WINDOW #1,1,40,1,1:PAPER #1,1:PEN #1,0:CLS #1:PRINT#1,"   SCORE: 00000 LIVES: 03 ALIENS: 090";

Title: Re: weltball
Post by: AMSDOS on 01:13, 20 August 17
Looks like a shoot the Aliens from your cozy cockpit style game  The winning game from EXTREM-256 category in the BASIC 10-Liners Compo earlier this year, just happened to be such a game.  :D
I also noticed you're using SYMBOL AFTER 240, which I think is unnecessary as the BASIC allows you to automatically define characters 240-255 by default.