when do you set: cpct_disableFirmware();

Started by funkheld, 18:53, 21 July 20

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Hi good afternoon.

when do you set:
  cpct_disableFirmware ();

I don't think so:
  cpct_enableFirmware ();
don't you need that?

thank you.


I use it at the start of my main() function.

#include <cpctelera.h>

u8 const g_palette[16]={
    0x00, // black
    0x1a, // brightWhite
    0x0d, // white
    0x12, // brightGreen
    0x06, // brightRed
    0x02, // brightBlue
    0x18, // brightYellow
    0x0f, // orange
    0x10, // pink
    0x11, // pastel magenta
    0x05, // mauve
    0x01, // blue
    0x00, // black
    0x00, // black
    0x00, // black
    0x00, // black

void main(){


hello, thanks for the info.


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