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Universal FAR/SIDE CALL. (ROM or cartridge)

Started by m_dr_m, 17:06, 01 June 22

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Context: Big programs have to be split among several ROMs, and we want to easily call a routine in any of those ROMs, but rarely if ever directly call a routine from another program (hum, this might change with "library ROMs" where RSX call would be too much of on overhead).

Orgams use a dedicated system to achieve that, even when the firmware is absent (trace mode). This system breaks when trying to install Orgams on a cartridge.
So I'm basically thinking out-loud here, inviting you to a redesign of this feature, that could be re-used by other big programs.

  • Works both from ROMBoard or Cartridge.
  • Unlock easy ports for FutureOS / SymbOS. Well this issue is mostly independent, the dedicated OS routine should be used instead, but it might be good to keep in mind.

Goal 1: Dynamic "far call" between ROMs.
A la RST &10 (SIDE CALL), but the ROM numbers don't have to be consecutive.

Goal 2: ROM discovery.
Again, Orgams already does that, with version verification, but it is not adapted to cartridge.

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