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Title: WinAPE Macros?
Post by: lachlank on 02:56, 28 June 09
Hi all, is there any way to define a macro like this in WinAPE? (complex parameters)

macro myIFZ truepart falsepart
jp z, @false
jp @endif

ld a, (someAddr)
cp 10
myIFZ {ld a, 6 : call someFn} {ld a, 22 : call someOtherFn}


Title: Re: WinAPE Macros?
Post by: Executioner on 09:31, 30 June 09
There's no way to do that because WinAPE treats the ':' character the same as end of line. One possible workaround is to define another macro containing the two instructions since I think you can nest macros. eg.

macro fn1:ld a,6:call someFn:endm
macro fn2:ld a,22:call someOtherFn:endm
myIFZ fn1,fn2