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Z80 cross compiler
« on: 20:03, 20 March 12 »
Hi All,

I have posted the following in (VB5 / VB6 cross compiler -> Z80 / Java | Assembly | Game Consoles | Java |
VB5 / VB6 cross compiler -> Z80 / Java | Assembly | Game Consoles | Java |) which might interest one of you.  I thought of a couple of ways to get this long time hobby project of mine done, thought about open sourcing it now, but then I thought giving a small 'kick-start' which is essentially a small bounty might be better.  I know it's not a lot but given it started as a hobby and I do want it to be either licence free or open source afterwards, it might be a good thing for someone to help me finish.  I can provide some assistance.  It's a VB5 / VB6 cross compiler for Z80 assembler source code generation that uses plugin code generators.  Two code generators are partially written so far, but of course any number could be added in future.  So far Z80 and Java (both at different levels of completeness).  6502 or 68000 or PPC for example would certainly be possible but not my area of interest at the moment.  After making the project code open when the first Z80 code generator is working and ideally the Java (that would be extra cool) it will give other developers a template more or less for extending it.

What do you think?  Got what it takes?  Written a recently Amstrad CPC game and want to take this on?  Hope to hear from you soon :)
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