Zide v0.11 - New Z80 IDE for CPC CrossDev [update 18.Jul.2022]

Started by Nworc, 00:55, 24 May 22

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A few weeks ago I was looking for an IDE for Z80 cross platform development for my projects on the CPC. I didn't find the alternatives at hand much appealing, so I decided to write my own IDE. As the original projects I'm working at will still take some time to mature, I thought releasing this IDE would be a nice alternative contribution to the CPC scene.

So, here it is.

Please be warned - this software is still in development, please consider doing backups of your files from time to time. Some functions which are not yet implemented are disabled. Please give feedback on bugs or missing features. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

How to install: Just unzip the zip file to a folder of your choice.

How to run: Launch the Zide.bat.   (On Linux: Zide.sh)

This is a Java application, Java need be installed on your system, but the requirement is very minimal, can run with Java 1.6 (= Java 6) minimum, tested with Java 6, 8, 11, 17.
Runs on WindowXP or later.
Runs on Linux.
Run on 32 or 64 bit.
Please contact me if you want to run it on Mac.

Instructions on how to connect with Rasm and WinApe (or CPCEC) are provided in the Get_Started.txt

The Build and Run buttons trigger the provided build.bat / build.sh and run.bat / run.sh that do the actual job. So if you need to customize the build / run process you can do so using these files.

The current version v0.11 is the first version that I would recommend to use, regarding the bugs I found in previous versions. I gave it some time to mature for a couple of weeks and it seems to be quite stable.

It comes with a runnable mini-demo ("ExampleDemo.asm") which is automatically opened if it's found in the src folder. If you don't want that, just delete that file, it's purely provided for demontration and testing. I found that even though this is a rather simple demo, you need a good emulator to run it, as it is doing tricks on CRTC reg 2, which some emulators don't know how to handle correctly.

(Attached screenshot/download is shown if you are logged in)

Files updated: 18.Jul.2022



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Quote from: m_dr_m on 19:15, 24 May 22Will wait for the CPC port!

If there would ever be the need to have anything of it on the CPC, that should go directly into OrgaMS!
Keep it up, OrgaMS is cool, and I am looking forward to contribute to it, if I can or may.


IMOH there is always the need to have it all on CPC, because else the CPC would depend on another platform. Just my opinion.

For sure it can be a great advantage to start coding on an PC and then realise it on the CPC too. This will help us to break borders and do thing on CPC like never being done before. 
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New version provided.

Lots of new features and bugfixes added to v0.08:

v0.08  10. Jun '22
- Free Minidemo "Cebit92E.asm" added (let's sing a song ;) )
- Syntax color styles updated to support new synesthetic coloring of Z80 registers
- Ctrl-Cursor Up/Down scrolling
- Find / Find Next / Find Previous added
- Delete Line added
- Goto Line added
- View Sidebar / Output added
- Indent/Unindent Selection added
- (Un)Comment with Line Comment added
- Build added
- Run added
- A click onto an error message in the Output window does a navigation to the respective line of code
- Reformat Selection aka the "Washing Machine" :)
- Fixed default file location and file handling
- File Drag'n'Drop support added
- Fixed label navigation / macro lookup
- Cursor navigation improved
- Labels replaced by Structure display which represents the order of labels in the file
- Save All added
- Declaration lookup (F3) across all open files
- Forward / Backward navigation history added

Version history:

v0.07  26. May '22
- Recognized Rasm and Maxam directives.
- CPU cycle (NOPs) display.
- Block comments supported
- Syntax highlighting
- Handle multiple files
- Recognizes labels and allows quick navigation to the declaration (using F3)


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It looks great and even works on linux - sort of...
The editor runs and works on linux, but it seems that everything expects to be running on windows so everything is .bat and .exe files.

Any chance you could make it work on linux as well?

I have attached a screenshot of Zide running on my Linux Mint.


Thanks for testing it on Linux, I didn't had the time for it yet, but I'll check.


New version available:

New features and bugfixex:

Zide v0.09 betacarotine (16. Jun '22)
- Linux support added
- small fixes for Highlighter and NopCounter
- Toolbar toggle added
- switched Amsdos Header creation to Rasm


New version provided, lots of fixes and some nice features ahead!

These are new features and bugfixes:

Zide v0.10 corryvreckan (20.Jun.2022)
- NopCount Summary: The NopCount display shows summary values in yellow color at the end of code blocks (see screenshot below)
- NopCount is now calculated and displayed for Macros, also is provided in an included files (file need be opened once)
- Fixed Build/Run-skripts again, build subfolder is not used anymore, changes go directly into the disk.dsk
- Fixed source lookup for errors on Output tab if errors occured on included files
- Added button tooltips
- Added file character encoding detection
- Clear output Tab on Build/Run
- Added Replace function
- Fixed file Drag'n'Drop
- Fix focus-handling on tab close
- Icon facelift
- Added Build icon in Toolbar
- Added Context-Menus on Editor and Output tab
- Added Replace function
- Include-Files are opened automatically (I'm not sure if this is a good choice, let's see)

So I think, most important functions are now in, this will be the biggest update for a while and I guess I'm going to start to actually use it instead of building it :-)


It gets better and better, cool. Keep on going!
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New version uploaded, again lots of fixes and some nice features ahead.

As I wanted to have an even more accurate timing display, I threw in a Z80 emulation that I made specifically for this.
The benefit is this: think of a small routine that loops using a DJNZ jump. Now, the total number of NOPs this routine requires depends on the value of register B. Measuring just this loop without knowing B is not possible - Zide will just calculate the minimum NOPs for this loop (meaning, if it doesn't loop).

Now, in the calling routine, if you give B a distinct value, you will see that the total time depends on the value of B, and Zide will calculate the exact number of NOPs. The Z80 emulation sees if a value is not initialized, and takes this into consideration for the calculation (minimum values are indicated like 123+, meaning: at least 123 NOPs). The maximum number of NOPs is currently set at 4000, which is sufficient to cover a whole interrupt.

I plan to provide some example screenshots.

(Please note, that only the processor is emulated, the RAM is currently seen as initally empty, no other chips are currently emulated).

These are new features and bugfixes:

Zide v0.11 corryvreckan (18.Jul.2022)
- Settings are now saved! (e.g. opened files)
- The Zide.ini settings file can be moved to the home directory (useful on Linux)
- Un/Comment with BlockComment added
- Set Build File function added, it allows to define which file should be build by the Build function
- Multiple instructions on same line is now supported (colon separated)
- Z80 emulation added to allow for display of the dynamic NOP timing (of e.g. loops)
- Improved handling of included Files
- Nicer scrollbars and a few more icons
- Lots of fixes and improvements

This current version had some time to mature, it seems to be quite stable.

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