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Another "3rd party support" for USIfAC II, Great!  :)
Holy Manoli  :o

I think that was his name. I'm not even kidding.

Γειά σου Σπύρο.

Καλώς ήρθες φίλε!

Your story reminded me of the time I sold a 464 to a guy here in Athens... he almost fainted because it turned out it was his 464 from when he was a little boy!  Amazing memories...

Holy Manoli  :o
Technical Support / Re: External 12V cable broken
« Last post by Bryce on Today at 13:56 »


I found one... but it seems to be broken too?? I'll check it closer later, maybe just a dodgy terminal.


Thanks. I will see that...  If it's work it will be the best solution ;D

EDIT : Where can I download the source code of TIMEROM ans  the 63 KB Dobbertin CP/M 2.2 (ver 1.4) ?
I found the Dk'Tronics and Vortex CPM 2.2 version but no Dobbertin 2.2 (1.4) version.

- See here (wiki)
- See my homepage (
- Write me an email :-)

Technical Support / Re: CPC 464 - very quiet speaker audio
« Last post by gw0udm on Yesterday at 23:57 »

I've got a fairly basic digital multimeter but nothing else unfortunately. I probably should get something a bit more up to date.

Applications / Re: Arkos Tracker 2 - Released!
« Last post by Targhan on Yesterday at 22:52 »
There is no built-in pause option, but that's probably because you can already do it without :).
Simply call the "stop" function. It only stops the sound and never resets anything in the song. Then, when you want to resume the song, simple call the play function again. I didn't test it, but it should work :).
After the end of the CPC era and the rise of Internet, emulators and great websites as CPC Power, CPC Rulez, CPC Reviews, we french CPC lovers discovered so much little gems  ::)  !

Worked both ways as they've helped UK CPC lovers find out about the gems never seen in the UK.
As a linux user I have tried to use AmstradUtilityII.exe with little luck. Sometimes it works under WINE but other does not.

Option A python way
So, I decided to get Wireshark and do a python script that now has receiveFromCPC and Terminal options. The other options I guess are more difficult to implement that just sniffing network traffic.
It also checks the AMSDOS header of the downloaded file if any and convert it to defb in order to call BASIC from RSX 8) (!/msg200839/#msg200839)
To get a file from the CPC just call first "python -r -p YOURPORT"

Option B just from bash (simple but effective):
Code: [Select]
#Set a server listening on a given port and redirect output to a file
#|2PC on the CPC
#Then press 1 and enter on the PC to start transferring from CPC
#Finish reception with Ctrl+C when motor stops or use -w10


echo "Server started. Press 1 + Enter to start downloading"
echo "Set -w10 to a proper value if not enough"
nc -w10 -l $MYPORT > MYFILERAW

#Get name and remove spaces
MYFILE=`head -12c MYFILERAW | tr -d " " `

echo "Saving $MYFILE"

#Then, strip first 12 bytes and we are done

Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more
« Last post by ndial on Yesterday at 20:53 »
I wish you be able to make some in the (near) future then  :D , and me getting this little C4CPC someday  ;D
Best Regards
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