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News & Events / Re: Memory Full: a book about ...
Last post by Gryzor - Today at 03:24
Can't wait to get mine😊
And you want to check the service manual - like this copy here:
The RAM chips are connected in very simple ways.

All the ram chips are connected with all PINs in a row- meaning that the same pin on the first chips is connected on all the other RAM chips with the same pin.

You cannot view this attachment.

There is three exceptions:

1. PIN 15. You have two banks and they are getting different CAS Signals. So each bank has the CAS line connected, but the two banks have it not connected in between the banks.

2. PIN 2 and PIN 14. Inside of each bank, the Data In and Data Out pins are not connected in between RAM chips. That is actually the only thing that makes chips individual. However the corresponding PINs of each chip from both banks are connected to each other, PIN2 of IC119 connects to PIN2 on IC127.

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Classifieds / Wanted: drive motor
Last post by Ynot.zer0 - Yesterday at 23:00
Has anyone got a spare motor from a 3" disc drive that they want to sell me? Or point me in direction of one I can purchase - mine appears to be dead  :'( thanks

Hi, I had no time to work on it, maybe next week.

I also need to think of some good music examples to validate the sound quality.

Any good examples, that can test the soundchip?

I would also love some very atomic tests, that can test individual parts and do a real comparison.

Maybe my own basic sound test can be used for that.
News & Events / Re: Memory Full: a book about ...
Last post by Titi - Yesterday at 22:04

PRINT "Memory Full 1" !
Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que l'ouvrage vient tout juste d'être envoyé à l'imprimeur. Celui-ci annonce un délai de livraison d'environ 10 jours. Ce sera alors à notre tour d'investir le bureau de poste le plus proche pour expédier vos exemplaires.

L'ouvrage sera diffusé sous le label 3 Thumbs Publishing, créé pour l'occasion. D'autres publications pourraient ainsi voir le jour sous cette bannière.

Je ferai une petite présentation du livre à la Benediction Coding Party #3, organisée par Eliot / Benediction, du 27 au 30 octobre 2023 à Gavray sur Sienne (en Normandie). Il s'agit d'un rassemblement de passionnés de CPC, auquel vous êtes tous conviés, quelle que soit votre implication dans le domaine. Vous trouverez plus d'informations sur le site dédié à l'événement :

On se retrouve donc dans une dizaine de jours, dès la réception des imposants colis contenant les 200 exemplaires imprimés !

Hicks et Hwikaa
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: AY-3-8912 hardware emulato...
Last post by BSC - Yesterday at 20:17
Quote from: SerErris on 13:21, 18 September 23I can only recommend the following (to learn verilog and FPGA): [long list of interesting things]
Thank you very much, SerErris, that was really interesting and I checked out all your links and suggestions. Now I only need to find (a way to free up) some time .. :)
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: AY-3-8912 hardware emulato...
Last post by Rabs - Yesterday at 19:44
Thanks, I would but the 8910 seems more expensive in the UK on eBay. Anyway, after replacing the membrane, which was broken (end fell off when I removed it from the connector), and scoping out the PIO Port A to see the pulses from the AY as I press a key and convincing my self it was broken, it started to work! Maybe I could offer a service to fix broken AYs by just looking at them  :) .
Thanks, Gunhed. Actually, because this Amstrad is a 'virtual machine' on my Windows PC, I can't really delve around on the innards of the box. The ROM idea might be useful too, but again, I'd have to write and 'flash' a 'virtual ROM', that I could 'load' into my virtual machine emulator. But your replies ahve given me (and I hope others) some ideas to think about.
Quote from: GUNHED on Yesterday at 13:44Instead of going to use the !CPM command to boot from disc there are other ways to get an OS started. (But before I go into this: You can disconnect a wire bridge on the CPCs PCB, then it gets as dump as a 8086 machine and directly starts to boot from disc btw).

For example FutureOS does boot from ROM (well, it actually runs into ROM to save RAM and make it more stable). This is done by RSX command !OS.
But you can also move the ROM A of FutureOS it ROM position 0 - then it get's started as soon as you switch your CPC on.
And you can also use a patched Lower ROM to directly start up FutureOS.

Well, just to show that there are different ways to get startet.  :)
Or just to create another opportunity to mention your "OS"? 
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