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you could make an adapter and run a device on it...
the output from the device will need the right timings.. 
not all resolutions are going to work.. 
also the syncs will be different so they will also need converting...

what you really need is something like the MP3 tv tuner which has a scart connector on the back for input...
theres also the SRX2000 TV tuner that has vga and rca inputs
i seem to have sorted the 74LS244 issue, just by lifting the chip slightly from the socket... if i push it all the way in i get the reboots/corruption.. its a little strange..but works!

i also did some more work on my ps2 arduino to cpc keyboard.. i got one key working (just testing).. but i sometimes get other characters (from another row that isnt even connected!).. so im guessing my implementation is too slow... i may try writing directly to the arduinos port registers, should speed things up a ton...but really im just screwing around until i get the attiny2313 to do the conversion..
The diference between ctm 644 and ctm 640 was the 12v output for the  cpc 6128 floppy disk.

So the cable was the same in the two monitors. 
you NEED a real cassette tape to use the adjustment tho

transfer the cdt back to a real tape....but there lays the problem, if the cassette player you record the cdt back on to tape is out of alignment, then its going to record wrong.. you can use it to adjust the cpc, but its only going to be aligned to that one tape

play the cdt through your phone plugged into cassette RECORDER/stereo etc to record to tape..
then move that tape back to the cpc and load it up... key is to use a real cassette, dont use the adapter play the cdt straight through to the cpc...
Well, the reason is quite simple. 

CRTs take up a lot of room, so it's easier to keep the computer and connect it to a modern TV or monitor.

That said, the cabling is the same but with female connectors, so it should be easy to create one.

Also note that such a cable would only work for RGB input signals. For other input sources you'll need a converter or maybe pass it through something like a VHS recorder that may convert the signal and output it as RGB.
i tried looking, i do not need to play my amstrad on another monitor, i wanted to plug something else into my amstrad colour monitor but id need a female din cable that also has a female scart socket on. they have cables like this for the other Amstrad monitors but for some reason not for the 640 monitor
You can easily find the opposite, a male DIN to male SCART adapter to display your CPC on a standard TV.

That said, making what you need should be quite easy. Find the connectors, get a regular SCART cable, chop the extremes and solder the right cables to the new connectors.
Hi there i have a CTM640 monitor and was wondering is it possible to get other things to play on the monitor, was thinking if there was a adapter that connects to the 6pin cable that has a scart socket on?

i have seen them for the oher amstrad monitor just not this
Current rating on the power adaptor was too tiny to read even with a macro lens!

However I did find a 2 amp power supply with an appropriate barrel jack and as I suspected, it works perfectly now and all my tape games load fine.

Now just gotta sort out the keyboard membrane... oh, and 'left' on the controller!
I have made this azimut cdt files. I can only test it in emulators. Maybe you can use it.

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