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Games / Re: The Abbey of Crime - La A...
Last post by kawickboy - Today at 12:35
Are Opera Soft IPs owned somewhere ? A physical release with few units why not.
I am looking to see if I can make an adapter to USB. I will let you know if I can get this working :)
Games / Re: The Abbey of Crime - La A...
Last post by RockRiver - Today at 11:04
Quote from: dragon on Today at 01:09if you want another palette just put here the palette you want, the code numbers.
Thanks mate!!!!
For aaaaaaaaall your work
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC WiFi
Last post by zhulien - Today at 10:17
Quote from: Prodatron on 23:04, 01 February 23CP/M is able to do random file access.
Amsdos not at all. Until you try to introduce some hacks.
Random Access Database is an AMSDOS BASIC program with some machine code subroutines, not sure what they did as I haven't been able to get a copy.  I did come across it many years ago and missed out on the ebay auction so it definitely exists.
It makes a perfect keyboard for those with just cpc, or trex.
Games / Re: Aljau, The Water Dam
Last post by genesis8 - Today at 09:36
A graphical adventure game which is available in no less than 3 languages : spanish, french and english. I do hope to find some time to play it.
Games / Re: Aljau, The Water Dam
Last post by XeNoMoRPH - Today at 08:58
Quote from: Otto on Yesterday at 16:29The sprites flicker a lot; is this a bug or a feature?
this game uses an engine that is based on basic language and machine code, maybe the programmer can improve the movement of the sprite in future games

It seems that this program only came out on cassette, there is no disc, it would be necessary to transform the CDT that is available to DSK, I don't know how to do that

CDT version -
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