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hmmm, this is the kind of thing i'd like to confirm heh
his documentation said a CPC with bad internal ram might start working, that's what made me think it was replacing the internal ram

Other retro / EA, Trip Hawkins, the 3DO... a...
Last post by cwpab - Today at 16:46
As one of the millions of Europeans who made the mistake of getting carried away by the FIFA hype in the 90s, I played quite a few EA games. But recently I realized I respect the earlier version of EA more: the one who created Kings of the Beach and Budokan: The Martial Spirit.

And then I remembered how this company was founded by a very famous man: Trip Hawkins, who later went on to create the 3DO.

I wanted to know more about the story (and I also wanted to know why FIFA games didn't play like soccer at all), so I made some research and discovered some interesting facts:

- Trip Hawkins founded EA to make Madden. He was a big American Football fan. He wanted the game to be super realistic based on input from players.

- EA started promoting themselves as the dream company for a programmer, and tried to put "developers on front". They made a stylish ad on a business magazine for that purpose.

- Madden was released for the Apple II first, and it's incredible considering the machine it's running on, both because of the graphics and the realism.

- FIFA games are not as good as other EA sports games because they started in 94, when EA was already turning into a "cold" big company that released new versions of sports titles each year. In contrast with Madden, Kings of the Beach, 1 vs 1 and other sports titles, no football players or coaches were consulted to make the game, and programmers were not exactly soccer fans: they were artists who worked on the great, but unrelated game Stunts.

- EA reverse-engineered the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis when they didn't receive the development kits. They borrowed a developent station and took it apart before returning it, and thanks to this they were able to make Madden look great.

- EA warned Trip Hawkins that they projected Sony to take over the market, but Trip continued with his 3DO adventure.

I recommend reading these 3 articles to learn these and many more details:
Demos / Re: Looking for 1990s Demo wit...
Last post by TheElectricMonk - Today at 16:45
Quote from: BSC on Today at 16:10This sounds a bit like boules et bits to me  ;)

Thanks, but it the demo should be much, much older - and less technically impressive ;)

It was either done by a German or a Greek coder, I think...
Demos / Re: Looking for 1990s Demo wit...
Last post by BSC - Today at 16:10
This sounds a bit like boules et bits to me  ;)
Quote from: eto on Today at 12:46However there is a pure natural cause, that will make this scene disappear. I can't imagine us all still producing stuff for the CPC at the age of 65+ and at least for the CPC there is not enough interest from the next generation to form a new scene.
These are some of my retirement plans in 10 to 15 years, a bit like with Anthony.
When we finally have time!

(God willing and we're still alive then. And the government doesn't make us work until we're 80.)

Let's not forget then to change today's games' difficulty levels:
* easy
* normal
* hard
... to something like:
* grandpa-super-easy
* easy
* normal
* a little bit hard
Quote from: martin464 on Today at 14:19Revaldinho's RAM pack for the 464 entirely replaces the onboard ram with external ram
Not entirely. The GateArray still can only access the internal 64K. If I am not mistaken they are in shadow mode in parallel to the first 64K of the external RAM.

could I ask something related to the topic
Revaldinho's RAM pack for the 464 entirely replaces the onboard ram with external ram
wouldn't this method open up access to all the pins on the ram chips that are not available on the expansion bus?
that open up further performance options maybe

then, couldn't dma to expanded ram outside the base 64k be ultra fast and have interrupts enabled?
the cpc can just do its own thing while the expanded ram is being written to or read from

i'm imagining a Revaldinho style PCB with built in DMA support and storage device connection (say to IDE disc)
then a scroller game can be playing and when it gets near needing new background bitmaps it tells the device to fill up a 16k bank from a file and the cpc carries on. when it needs it, it's loaded in
or for video playback the device could switch the base 64k like with double buffer but your double buffering the screen part of the base 64k with expanded ram banks. like a 2nd gatearray to determine which banks the cpc see's as comprising the base 64k
you could do all that if the cpc didn't care about what was happening to ram it wasn't directly able to address?
maybe the onboard ram could still be available as well somehow for other purposes (the onboard becomes the 'expanded' ram and the 'expanded' the onboard)

i imagine the device having a small stack to remember commands needed to load files into ram, like
Track 3, Sector 1, Read x sectors to ram bank 5 so the cpc doesn't need to hand hold it just setup and its automatic

i await the 'it won't work'  :)
AFAIK, the last fw versions support updates without having a programmer but you need to have one of the latest versions :)

If you have an Arduino you me take a look at
I'd happily write a CPC game at age 65 if there are sufficient people who still want to play them. I do enjoy it.

I don't know how much truth there is in this, but I heard there was a time when old Elvis Presley records suddenly exploded in price as a generation of his fans found themselves with money to burn on nostalgia. And some years later the prices plunged when a generation of his fans' children found themselves inheriting unwanted Elvis records.

That'll be my Game & Watch collection for sure...

Well, actually my 9 year old quite likes a few of them, particularly the Popeye one with the colour screen. And she's been playing Game Boy and N64 games on the Switch. She seems to like Mario Kart 64 way more than Mario Kart 8.
Demos / Looking for 1990s Demo with Za...
Last post by TheElectricMonk - Today at 13:19
In the early 1990s (should be around 92/93), I created some sprites for someone to use in a demo. It's basically a dumb parody of Zap'T'Balls, with the ball bouncing around to music, the player character pulling out a bazooka and firing a rocket tat the ball, the ball growing a panicked face and then exploding. I think I recall that I also did some music to go along with it, with the first part sounding like the original Zap'T'Balls theme and then morphing into Chopin's funeral march once the ball was about to be shot.

It's been so long that I can't remember who I gave the graphics to and what the demo was called. I only saw it once, decades ago, and I'd like to take another look at it. I remember it was a multi-part demo, with the Zap'T'Balls part occuring somewhere in the middle.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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