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General Discussion - Introductions / Re: New member
Last post by Gryzor - Today at 03:35
You can create a thread in the programming forum probably! 
GFX + Tunes / Re: Amstrad music
Last post by dal - Yesterday at 22:44
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: New member
Last post by Manuel3D - Yesterday at 22:23
In 1985 they bought me my first computer. I spent many hours both playing and creating programs in Basic. My cpc had been stored in the storage room for many years.
 I recently saw a video of the Retro virtual Machine emulator and my interest in my cpc 464 was reignited. 
I want to thank you for this website, which I find very interesting. 

I would like to put my Basic programs somewhere so that whoever wants can see or download.... Where is the most suitable site for this?
Games / Re: New game ART WAR! (text ad...
Last post by skylas - Yesterday at 22:08
Quote from: mv on Yesterday at 12:43
Quote from: mv on Yesterday at 12:43290 q$=INKEY$:y$=INKEY$:z$=INKEY$:w$=INKEY$

Very nice work! thank you!

Just to mention that also <CLEAR INPUT> can be used instead of these, but <CLEAR INPUT> does not work on 464.
Your schematic looks correct but I number everything the other way round  :)

My 464 has a 3" drive and a Gotek as drive A and another 3" drive and Gotek as drive B. I have a switch to send DS0 to either the 3" drive or the Gotek and another switch to do the same for DS1 and it all works.

However, I have a switch to permanently connect pin 34 to 33 to keep the READY constantly on.  (Pins 1 and 2 on your schematic). Other than this I think your scheme should work.

Good luck.
avatar_Shaun M. Neary
News & Events / Re: Amstrad Addict magazine
Last post by Shaun M. Neary - Yesterday at 19:31
Got an email saying shipping was imminent and that it should leave on October 5th.
Excited now. :D
Yeah, I don't get it either, it's the absolute minimum in effort. Would it make any difference if it says c64 or Microsoft on her shirt?

Going to split the thread. 
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: A fantastic photo
Last post by eto - Yesterday at 17:39
I'm not even sure why this is posted at all. It's created by someone who is into Amstrad CPCs and he loves to write "Amstrad" on big boobs. Imho that does not constitute any Amstrad relevance and I would highly appreciate if I am no longer presented with those AI phantasies.

That's useful. I was able to create a 'virtual' drive and amend that sector (it only created a blank screen, however, as I edited that sector and added code for a 8086-processor boot sector - yes... I know that is wrong for a Z80 processor, but once I can begin to disassemble the CP/M bootloader and see what I can do with it, then we shall see how successful it might be as a project  :) )
Okay, I recreated the schematic for the Cable as the version in the DDI-1 Service Manual is really confusing and in bad quality.
I did some measurements and here is my quick schematics of the DDI-1 Cable and the connectors.
You cannot view this attachment.

So it looks like there should be no issue whatsoever to connect a Gotek to Drive B connector, as it is absolutely correct.

Also the correct setting for Pin 2 and 34 should be NC and READY.
Jumper needs to go to S1 and not S0.

And that should actually fix it. The Motor line also can be enabled if existent.

So with all that setup I still wonder what goes wrong, but can only test further in the next few days.

Any ideas?
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