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Biete / Suche / Re: Schneider CPC Maus
Last post by GUNHED - Today at 18:38
Quote from: SkulleateR on Yesterday at 17:53Ne umgedrehte Maus gabs auch noch : den Marconi RB2 Trackball, hab ich damals mit einem DTP Programm zusammen bekommen  ;D
Ja, der steht bei mir auch nur nur, ist aber leider nicht proportional. Auch wenn er seinen Zweck gut erfüllt.  :) Am AtariST Mausadapter hab ich manchmal auch einen Trackball dran (anstelle der Maus), spaart einfach mal Platz.
Some info at 1:26

Best when viewed on a large screen at the YouTube setting of 720p but a laptop should also be legible.

Thank for the reply - I'm not even sure what the CDT data is!!!

In the manual there is a section 2.3 WRT "loading from Disc" - but as you say, maybe the software was never released on disc...
Yeah, it's a bit obscure, the way it's written. Maybe also worth playing with the limit parameter to see if you can get more out of it! 
Good afternoon everyone. We recently published with the permission of its creator Kevin Thacker the game for Amstrad PCW "Sudoku". Again this genius has sent us to share with all PCW users a new game called "Mayhem". This new adaptation has been made with permission of the original author, Mark Incley. We hope you enjoy it.
Games / Re: The Abbey of Crime - La A...
Last post by Dubliner - Today at 15:09
It could be possible... after discussing it with Juan Delcan. He is the one that gives permission or not nowadays and the one who agreed to that re-release seen in that video.
Well, this is a perfect solution.
I now understand it was in the SMF documentation, but I didn't understand that "news" mean new topics.

Thank you so much, Gryzor!
Off topic / Just an RSS-Test
Last post by Otto - Today at 15:06
Well, this is just test with a new topic for RSS readers.
Typing on a modern computer with a PCW keyboard is something I'm really looking forward  :D
Games / Re: The Abbey of Crime - La A...
Last post by kawickboy - Today at 14:26
So a floppy english release and maybe a cart release is possible.
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