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Games / Re: Converting a game to ROM -...
Last post by VincentGR - Today at 09:44
Got it yesterday from cpcrulez.
Too advance for me to understand  ;D
Programming / Re: Mistake with registers
Last post by trocoloco - Today at 08:58
Hi Paolo, "ld bc,hl" is not a z80 instruction. If you want to assign hl to bc, you can use the stack like this

push hl
pop bc

or this option which is faster for the same amount of bytes

ld b,h
ld c,l
Mine is printed in purple, still looking cool!
Programming / Mistake with registers
Last post by Neurox66 - Today at 07:29
Hello everyone, 
I use Pasmo as my compiler and I have a problem with the allocation between registers. 
If I write : 
ld bc, hl 
Pasmo returns an error because it expects a value instead of hl. 
Is there an alternative?
Games / Re: Converting a game to ROM -...
Last post by Axelay - Today at 04:19
Bit Buster can be found on Tom&Jerry's site.  Under programmers, source.

It's fairly old now, and I've seen a number of discussions about compression on the programming board in the years since, it might be worth looking through those discussions if you want to see what other options there are.
Programming / Re: Best Quality Samples possi...
Last post by zhulien - Today at 01:50
Attached are demos08.arc and demos09.arc from CPC Decade converted to dsk for Parados 1.2+ in WinAPE.  For some reason I couldn't get 1.2 or the UniDOS patched parados to read any disc images in WinAPE.

demos08 has an AC-DC sample that should work on an unexpanded 464.  The other samples require 512kb.

It's a .TAR.GZ file, so it's compressed (.GZ) and bundled (.TAR) ...

So, after unzipping the GZ, you will get one file (Amstrad_PCW_8256_Games_Archive_1.3) with no prefix, but this is the bundled archive. You will have to extract that a second time to get the files inside. How to do that depends on the OS you are using ;)
Emulators / Re: Winape IDE File
Last post by zhulien - Today at 00:11
Where do you get the blank.ide file that the WinApe instructions says it comes with?  I downloaded the latest ZIP 3 times and it doesn't seem to contain it.

I must be blind... I found it.
Hi there !

Thanks all for your help and advice.

I found a schematic form something similar to what I want do. See attachment.
Again it is functionally equivalent as what I have do... But may be you can see some interesting point.
On difference : /MREQ is used to avoid /CS if low (G2A and G2B should be both low to enable LS138 outputs).

The /READY signal coming from the gate array is an output clear. It is connected to the /WAIT pin of the Z80.
But the 82 ohms resistor is here so this line can be shared with other peripherals. Multiple peripherals can tie it down if they need wait state. On the first version of the gate array it was is real open collector output. I put the diode for that reason. The peripheral cant force /READY to high but can force it to low. Without the diode the CPC dont boot at all.
During a read cycle I see /PAUSE going low and one pulse is missing on the /READY line during this time. This seems not give perturbation to the CPC.

My option of a bad reset of the apu was false. Reset go high and the 4 MHz CPC clock continue to tick. There is far enough cycles to get a reset.

The /END is not connected to /INT when I do my trial. Connect stop the CPC  at the first access to the APU (normal I assume, there is no routine to manage the interrupt).

Here I am... I have to think to that and will may be write a second message later !


Quote from: zzarko on 11:58, 14 February 22After almost a year, here is 1.3 version of the archive:

Anyhow, enjoy newly added games in your PCW with Gotek drive :)
Hi there, I appreciate this is an old post, however I've only just discovered the potential joys of the PCW (acquired an 8256 AND an 8512).

I've downloaded the file, but when I try to open it opens as a Raspberry Pi image file - do I just unpack the image to an SD Card for the Gotek, or am I missing something?

Appreciate your amazing work.......Carlos.
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