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Those Rowan Atkinson Amstrad ads definitely played on TV in New Zealand in the 1980s.

As mentioned, he did the hands-as-goggles thing, and as he did so he said "Biggles".

That's all I got.
I generally use my GX4000+C4CPC for real hardware testing, also handy for analogue + LPEN too of course :laugh:

But I've also found it's a lot more fun to go to the effort of tranferring one of the hundreds now (!) of .cpr games to the C4CPC SD card rather than play in an emulator because it removes the tempatation to flit between games and use save states etc. and the result is a much more fulfilling experience :D
I have my 6128 permanently set up in my back room. I mostly use it to play games, both old and new (and the CPC community has kept us well supplied with those in recent years) or to test things I've written and see how they look on a real CPC monitor. Sometimes I will type a little BASIC program in directly when I'm messing around with ideas, but mostly I program with an emulator. I never play games on emulator any more, though.

I have been trawling ebay recently to try to find a 6128+ because I do want to try writing a Plus game at some point.



I still can't figure out how the hell Rodney is using that 6128 with the monitor at that angle that makes it super difficult to read anything on the screen.  Also the cables are going straight down rather than to the back of his 6128, the coiled part of the cables aren't even stretched out.  It's possible they're plugged into another 6128 being operated by a crew member to perform the functions it's required to do for the scene but again the fact the cables aren't even stretching makes me wonder if they've got some extensions or something.  I dunno. :)
Big Bug from Jeunet (Netflix) last year
Just spotted an Amstrad CPC 6128 and GT65 on "Only Fools and Horses, series 6 episode 1, Yuppy Love". A classic, both the 6128 and and "Only Fools and Horses". "Nice and cool".

Any other TV appearances?
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Quote from: Shaun M. Neary on 00:09, 15 October 22Got a couple of requests if anyone is interested?

1) Karnov. It doesn't appear to be in my set so not sure if it was ever done. It was 64k so surely this can be done?
A 64K-compatible crack of Karnov is now available from NVG. ;D However I had to perform a lot of compression to get it to fit on one side of a disc. hERMOL at CPCRulez also produced a 64K-compatible crack a couple of months ago, so take your choice.

I can fully understand why there have been so few attempts to crack Karnov. It was a nightmare to get it to work with 64K of RAM - lots of juggling blocks of memory around!
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Fun times indeed🙂
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Yeah, I'll admit that was a mistake... twice now. 
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Quote from: Gryzor on Yesterday at 20:42Nah you got it all wrong. The correct TV buying process these days:

-meticulously research TVs and specs for a month
-wait a few months till THAT TV hits the shops, or becomes available at the correct price point
-go pick it up with your wife
-leave the store with the one your wife chooses because "it looks beautiful".

You victim! There's no chance of saving you at this point. Your mistake: step 3 "go pick it up with your wife"!! Seriously?

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