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Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Banked Video RAM?
Last post by McArti0 - Today at 10:13
Prototype SpiderMonster without soldering.  :laugh: The keyboard doesn't press on this monster.

First time closed CPC6128 and NewPAL inside.

I pressed the goldpins with a soldering iron to half their length.

It turned out that the VRAM banks toggler works when there are 0-4 nops between OUT instructions.


Becauce CNT3/DLY3 in GreenPAK IC has counter data 5
News & Events / Re: Amstrad Addict magazine
Last post by Skunkfish - Today at 08:04
Has that Amstrad Action look and feel down to a tee....
Classifieds / Wanted: CPC 6128 case bottom
Last post by Ynot.zer0 - Today at 03:51
I am missing the bottom half of the CPC 6128 casing, anyone got one they want to sell me?, even slightly broken is fine.  
e-bay seems to only have complete machines at very high prices and all I need is the plastic bottom section.
Quote from: ZbyniuR on 16:41, 28 September 23Thats what I call fantastic photo. ;)
The Second Cyberpunk type pic is cool, don't agree with the fap comments.
avatar_Mr. DVG
Games / Re: Mario Bros (2023)
Last post by Mr. DVG - Today at 00:55
QuoteMy apologies, I have the same problem as you have Mr. DVG : just after the title screen and the "It's a-me, Mario !" the CPC resets.
Flashing the CPR from this thread with the command ùCTRUP,"[name].cpr" works just fine though.

I've made Jean Marie aware of the problem for the DSK version.

Thank you for your interest!

It would be great to have a working .dsk version, unfortunately the limitation of the M4 is that you can only flash one game at a time and at the moment the slot is occupied by another game which unfortunately does not have the .dsk format. :-\

I stay tuned to this channel to find out if there will be future developments regarding this update!

Thanks again! :-*
I need to use an LM1881 sync stripper for sync or else the video becomes all wavy
Quote from: PortoManc on Yesterday at 19:22But I wondered if that RSX call specifies a particular set of bootstrap instructions (specific track & sector for the disk, unique for a CP/M system disk) which might not be applicable to a non-CP/M disk.
|CPM looks for track 0, sector &41 on the disc in drive A, loads it to address &100 in RAM, and executes it. The standard CP/M format on the CPC uses sectors numbered from &41 to &49 inclusive, but as long as track 0, sector &41 is present, CP/M will load and execute the code/data in that sector.
Okay, quick update:

After the few parts arrived I exchanged the Bridge rectifier, and the two elkos. On was shorted, the other hat roughly the correct value - but they are all 40 years old - so an exchange would be anyhow good.

All in all, running like new now and drive 100% working.

I love this old tech, the things that can fail, can be easily repaired.
Okay, I need to get this very old thread back out of the attic.

Anyone has this configuration:

CPC464 + DDI-1 + DF1 as drive A: and a Gotek as drive B?

I cannot get it to work, whatever I do.

Gotek works as external drive B on the 6128 with a special cable.

So the cable alows me to exchange the drives. However that is in my opinion not even needed.

What I tried:
I do have the normal DDI-1 with the build in cable and I attached it to the DF-1. That works totally normal.

Then I bought an extension cable with a male connector and a femalconnector, that is just a straight cable.

I then connected the Gotek with that cable to the second port.

I had it running with a X-Module from Vortex at some point in time, but I cannot get it running anymore.

I am pretty sure nothing is right anymore - e.g. wrong jumper settings and everything.

So can anyone that got this working let me know how exactly this configuration works?

Yes, eto, thank you for your reply. I'm aware that |CPM boots up a CP/M disk from a call to memory. But I wondered if that RSX call specifies a particular set of bootstrap instructions (specific track & sector for the disk, unique for a CP/M system disk) which might not be applicable to a non-CP/M disk. So, on the off-chance that that was the case, I suggested a |PJR RSX that would do the same for the PJR-DOS disk.
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