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Quote from: ikonsgr on 23:12, 31 January 23And going against the tide of rising prices, i announce a price decrease for all boards:

USIfAC II+Edge connector cable:  26euros from 27euros
ULIfAC +Edge connector cable:    43euros from 45euros
RAM/ROM BOARD:                          28euros from 29euros

All prices include register/tracked shipping.
I manage to get a batch of PIC MCU chips cheaper, thus the price cut!  ;)
Hi John,

so the ULIFAC is already the combination of USIFAC II and the new RAM/ROM board? And its not really much bigger than the USIFAC II as far as I can see on your picture, right?
If correct I order one ULIFAC to be sent to Austria.
Question, I have two working USIFAC II, do you have sufficient PIC's in stock or would it make sense to send the USIFAC's back to you so you can use their PIC's? 
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Last post by vhenares - Today at 11:09
Abalore, I like any copy, pleases add me to list
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Last post by dragon - Today at 03:26
Perfect. Any caratule for the box?
Honestly, the Amstrad knowledge available is huge, and it's brilliant. The CRTC Compendium that was released recently, wow. Far more information than we ever had during the machines' commercial life. 

I don't know about sprite compilers, that's a good question. I tend to write my own tools for that kind of thing, but they're not general purpose or fit for pubic release.
Glad I could help!  :D
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Last post by SagaDS - Yesterday at 21:16

Just a small update on the topic. I have started to work with gamecomposer (@chasebethea) on the gameplay score and other musics.

So no more hiring right now. Thanks for all the proposal, they were welcomed.

See you soon with a finished game that I hope you will play.

[Get out of here it's gonna blow  ;D ]
Yeah I was told it worked! Thanks  :)
I use that all the time  ;)
Quote from: eto on Yesterday at 16:02
Quote from: Bryce on Yesterday at 13:27There were no CPC's produced with socketed RAM.
sorry, probably not clear, I meant: for all ICs that are socketed by AMSTRAD (e.g. CPU, Gate Array), the pitch width is "normal". For all ICs that are not in a socket, AMSTRAD used the wider pitch width (e.g. AY-3-8912).

The only exception to that rule (afaik) is the RAM of the 6128: In my 6128s RAM is soldered, but if I remove an IC I can directly put a socket in. With the 464s that I have that won't work. If I remove a RAM IC, a socket will not fit.

That's strange. I've just measured some 464 boards I have here and the footprints (including RAM) are all exactly the correct 2.54 x 7.62/15.24 pitch. In which direction is the pitch incorrect on your 464?

Quote from: Gryzor on Yesterday at 18:21Wait, documentation says jpeg is natively supported, can you email me a sample? 
Easier said then done: PMs do not support attachments and I don't have your email address ;-)

I have uploaded an example in the CPC Wiki discussion.
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