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Demos / Scan Show & Enola Gay
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Today at 19:47 »

Ok in this video I've combined a slideshow and a music track both from the late eighties.
There is audio dropout briefly 3 times but that's related to the OSSC having a problem with screens that are predominantly white.


Not emulated - original hardware and software.
Please note that  the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.

works great as my gotek drive b. Thank you very much. especially after dozens of e-mail conversations with my dear friend Geoff, we solved this problem. Thanks for the FID software. Thanks to Richard. Also, Geoff was always there for me, a big thank you to him. it easy use gotek as a. but it hard use gotek as b. we solved... it works as b with CF2DD and CF2 images. and i can run apps and games from b and i can copy from b to a with disckit. everything is great...
Programming / Re: CPCRetrodev 2021 : Fitzroy Dives Deep
« Last post by awergh on Today at 15:02 »
The  function named PLAYER_ARKOS_STOP_IT in beginning of code example.
Ah yes, I think what actually happened is I did my post without checking to see if there were any further replies (excited to be finally done bug fixing I think).

I have updated the first post with the change log and a copy of the game binaries in case people are too lazy to look at the page.
I started finishing (or is it continued finishing) the level that I didn't finish on submission night but it seems I don't quite remember what my plan was whoops...

Thinking about checkpoints again I assume that the most logical thing to do is let you use a checkpoint as many times as you like (this makes sense if a map has multiple checkpoints) rather than making them single use. My thought is that I will track the position of the activated checkpoint and use that to draw an updated graphic rather than changing the interactable from ready checkpoint to activated checkpoint (requiring two interactables that I don't have). I also can support multiple checkpoints this way as I can only restore the player to the last activated checkpoint.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Tecnobytes V9990 New Batch
« Last post by tmf on Today at 12:51 »
Please count me for one, whenever possible.
Thanks - Tomek
Games / Re: CPC Bullet : The Game ! :)
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 12:21 »
Damn the site is blocked at the office... :(

This sounds like a game I'd really enjoy!
Thanks for the confirmation, that's my understanding as well.
I think I'll go for the Tri-state buffer output as you suggest for my "project" as it looks safe to just "disconnect" the adapter whenever it's not requested to respond.
Programming / Re: Repository for CPC sources.
« Last post by Curlypaul on Today at 03:58 »
Another GIT fan here I'm afraid!

Although I agree that githubs UI isn't my favourite, it's where I've put my stuff so far. I'll have a look at gitlabs for an upcoming project that needs to be private though, don't think we'll need a pr process which seems to be the things people complain about the most
News & Events / AMTIXCPC - ISSUE 2 - OUT NOW!
« Last post by csb1980 on Today at 03:43 »
Hey CPC Fans, AMTIXCPC - Issue 2 is out now!
I've now had confirmation from DoctorCPC that the does the trick with his PCW with the attached Gotek as B:.   He can now read CF2 images in his B: as well as the CF2DD that were working OK before.   So he can start sorting out his disks/files and get his A: (real) disks organised as he wishes.

I'll get the relevant files sorted out to attach here.  Save anyone else having to mess with the PMA archive.

Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad GX4000 / Plus cartridge PCB
« Last post by TotO on Today at 00:10 »
It looks something similar to what you want to do with the PLAY2CPC  8)
The Play2CPC allows to write the cartridges directly from the CPC.
It is more close to what is doing the X-MEM or the good old CTC-AY project.
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