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Games / CPC Bullet : The Game ! :)
« Last post by TITAN (Eric Cubizolle) on Today at 22:01 »
Hello everyone,

You've been teased over and over again with CPC screenshots ... well know that it has now become a reality!

"CPC Bullet", the game imagined, written and developed in record time is finally available for download in its final DSK version! (download link at the bottom of this post)

Humphrey Difalco, better known by the pseudonym Agent H, is a spy who works tirelessly against the underworld. Prone to draw his semi-automatic first rather than expand into futile preliminary discussions, his hasty methods towards the Mafia have earned him some small calls to order from his organization…. But whatever, his undeniable efficiency and great loyalty always find favor in the eyes of Skiner, his boss, who constantly entrusts him with the most important, but also the most perilous, missions.
It must be said that Humphrey carries on his chores with as much composure as with success.
Yet today, it is much more than his diligence at work that our secret agent is going to have to implement. Because this time around, Rodolpho Cosca, one of the Mafia's biggest bosses, attacked him personally by kidnapping his colleague (but also girlfriend): Agent L!
So, more determined than ever and gun in hand, Humphrey comes to the aid of his beauty, determined to kill with a bullet between his eyes all the pathetic gangsters who oppose him.
Aim fast and well, Humprhey!

In CPC Bullet, you play as Agent H. The object of the game is to eliminate all the gangsters, until the last one. To do this, you have a pistol that you have to tilt as judiciously as possible so that the bullet takes a trajectory that will allow it to reach its target. But beware of ricochets and returns of balls!

Official project web page (download):
DSK file :

Good game everyone ! ;)
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad GX4000 / Plus cartridge PCB
« Last post by gerald on Today at 21:49 »
Somebody know this cartridge
Looks like a cartridge with a flash instead of eprom.
The red/black wire are used to carry WEN/OEN to the cartrige PCB (these are not wired to the cartrige connector).

So it's a nice way to avoid unplugging the flash from its socket when you need to reflash it.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC 3" floppy to the PC
« Last post by rpalmer on Today at 21:44 »
hi rzookol,
In short yes as there are articles to connect the CPC to PC standard 3.5 inch drives. To connect a CPC 3 inch drive to a PC some parts of the cable are left unconnected.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad GX4000 / Plus cartridge PCB
« Last post by TotO on Today at 20:52 »
Well... It is probably the C4CPC grandfather. ;D
Nothing official here, despite the Amstrad logo.
Hardware related / Re: Looking for a DIN switch
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Today at 20:15 »

Now all I need is a "hardware guy" to do the job................
Hardware related / Re: Looking for a DIN switch
« Last post by eto on Today at 20:08 »
I saw some switch boxes at Amazon that are much smaller.

Might they also work? The comments are so and so and some people explain, that they have issues with higher resolutions - but that shouldn't be an issue for the CPC.

Instead of replacing the VGA ports I would try to make adapters DIN to D-SUB. Might be much less work.
Hardware related / Re: Looking for a DIN switch
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Today at 19:47 »
Thanks for the info and link :)

The VGA box is very similar to the data switch/printer switch boxes I used to have but I'm looking for something much smaller. The 28 year old 6128 DIN switch box in the video at 0:46 is the kind of thing I'm hoping(!) someone could produce.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Amstrad CPC 3" floppy to the PC
« Last post by rzookol on Today at 17:12 »
Could anybody tell me if  internal Amstrad to Gotek/3.5" ribbon (26->34) can be used in opposite way - to connect Amstrad 3" floppy to PC floppy port (i have 26-26 ribbon to do gender change)?
Has there been found a way to bypass the (unnecessarily difficult) pump part?
Somewhere in this thread the game coder has said that there isn’t any way to bypass it.
By the way, you can still almost reach the first end without doing it (you can collect the star map and repair your spaceship).
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