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I watched @Novabug live game testing last night which I enjoyed.

I don't always get chance to watch it live, but I enjoy watching it when I do.

Anyway, Novabug tested a game last night which I think would make a great two player game on the GX4000 so thought would get it sorted out.

Here is....


The game is now Joypads only.

Joypad 1 UP or DOWN to select one or two Players.
Console Pause Button to Pause, unpause.
Joypad Button 1 to Accelerate, Down to Brake, Button 2 for Turbo.
Use Console Pause Button or Joypad 2 to pass highscore table.

I've included a poked version with Infinte Time.
Thanks for porting this game, it works well but i have found a bug i think, playing 2P when the players push the accelerator (button 1) at the same time both players can move both cars, theirs and his opponent one.
Ok @Phantomz , let me make a suggestion  ;)  MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS !

A real little gem from Core Design, a very inventive platform game that offers various gameplays, sub-games and a lot of secrets. Very underrated. I buy this one in 1990 and it was so fabulous, fun and clever, exactly as the Monty Python's world. I really advice everyone to read the instruction manual you can download on CPC-Power, totally crazy and hilarious. You're in the Monty Python's atmosphere from the main screen with the words of the title which mixes, the floating hand pointing to PRESS FIRE TO START but there is no other function to move on and of course the score that begins from 99999999. You can recognize the work of the team behind the CPC versions on Rick Dangerous I & 2 and Impossamole. Gameplay is very responsive, GFX very nice and zany, only SFX are a little bit discret and there is no ingame music (like Impossamole). But really a fun game. 

I attached the CNGSoft version. The XOR crack offers a level selector but has a little bug, the floating hand that normally points to PRESS FIRE TO START doesn't appear, a bug that is not present in the CNGSoft version.

CNGSoft cheat has to be remapped. Ingame, P already pauses the game and ESC returns to main screen. But I suppose it would be more safe to remap quit key on PAUSE button and pause mode to J1B2.

Say yes, say yes (one again  :P )...
Programming / Re: FutureOS corner
« Last post by XeNoMoRPH on Today at 21:27 »
What picture ?  :o
Applications / Re: Arkos Tracker 2 - Released!
« Last post by teopl on Today at 20:20 »
I think stop does reset the song but I really don't remember.

I looked at my implementation for pause and this is what worked for me:

- I have "is_paused" flag
- when "is_paused" is 0 => "call _PLY_AKM_PLAY" (or whatever player you use)
- when "is_paused" is 1 => simply *don't* "call _PLY_AKM_PLAY" and it will not progress through the song
- make sure that setting "is_paused" flag and "call _PLY_AKM_PLAY" is done from same "thread" i.e. interrupt handler function.

But even if you do not pause while loading screen it should be possible to play song at the same time (if last point is done correctly and interrupt handler function does not take too long).

Irish production from 2015.
As per RolandRadio this is 2 minutes 19 seconds in length and as I like it I let it loop so that it is played twice.
As ever, use headphones or a sound system with decent stereo separation to fully enjoy the music.


Not emulated - original hardware and software.

Please note that  the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.
Programming / Re: FutureOS corner
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 18:32 »
Well, now the access to docs is more easy I hope.

What's needed now would be an new title picture, or something. I thought about taking the picture from @XeNoMoRPH , but there are probably copyright issues.

If you like to do a "FutureOS homepage title Graphic" please go for it. I really would appreciate it.  :)
Another "3rd party support" for USIfAC II, Great!  :)
Holy Manoli  :o

I think that was his name. I'm not even kidding.

Γειά σου Σπύρο.

Καλώς ήρθες φίλε!

Your story reminded me of the time I sold a 464 to a guy here in Athens... he almost fainted because it turned out it was his 464 from when he was a little boy!  Amazing memories...

Holy Manoli  :o
Technical Support / Re: External 12V cable broken
« Last post by Bryce on Today at 13:56 »


I found one... but it seems to be broken too?? I'll check it closer later, maybe just a dodgy terminal.

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