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Technical Support / Re: CPC 464 - very quiet speaker audio
« Last post by gw0udm on Today at 21:00 »
Thanks - any particular likely culprits? There are a lot of small capacitors scattered around and they look OK but obviously difficult to conclude much from that.

I'm sure it's something with the electronics, I've checked the speaker and that looks fine but I resoldered everything for good measure.

Applications / Re: New customisable firmware (lower ROM).
« Last post by Duke on Today at 20:33 »
Thanks, if it's the only mod, it makes sense!
It is.

For a ROM>15 I guess there is more work to do.
I don't think so, if you want to achieve the same as I do with the modified lowerrom (make games/programs that use firmware and re-init roms compatible). Just replace 6 with 31 and put M4 rom in slot 31, that should work I think.
Technical Support / Re: External 12V cable broken
« Last post by Bryce on Today at 17:51 »
I think I still have a couple of original spares. I'll check and let you know.

Technical Support / Re: External 12V cable broken
« Last post by Lardo Boffin on Today at 16:45 »
Thanks Eto. The cable should be straight forward it was the grommet / strain relief part I wasn’t sure about.
Technical Support / Re: External 12V cable broken
« Last post by eto on Today at 14:35 »
I have never seen spare parts like this being sold. But you probably can make a replacement cable easily. The connectors are standard parts and can be bought in the usual electronic shops or even on Ebay. Just make sure that the central pin of the 12V connector is negative (GND) while the outer barrel is +12V. Check here for details:

GOTEK is also an option. You don't need the 12V then anymore. If you want it cheaper, you have to make one your own. Get a Gotek, flash it with the FlashFloppy firmware and make a little adapter for the floppy cable. And you will also need a 3d printed caddy to fit it into the drive bay. If you don't have a printer, you can get them from Ebay. Honestly, if you need to buy every part, it probably is not worth it to make it yourself.

Programming / Re: TXT Windows
« Last post by IndyUK on Today at 14:35 »
I think you're supposed to select the stream you want to define before creating the window, otherwise you're just redefining the default #0 stream each time.

Then you can switch between them as and when you like.
You were 100% correct.  :doh: I hadn't quite grapsed what the &BBB4 firmware call was actually trying to say. The documentation is not very clear unless you get that sudden light bulb moment (or someone kindly gives you a pointer). The code is working now. I guess it's on we go.

Thanks for your help.
Applications / Re: New customisable firmware (lower ROM).
« Last post by m_dr_m on Today at 13:52 »
Thanks, if it's the only mod, it makes sense!

For a ROM>15 I guess there is more work to do.
I wonder what @SyX does for firmware 3.15, since there the ram-allocation-table-for-roms at &b8da is only 16 entries long (thanks @OffseT ).
Technical Support / External 12V cable broken
« Last post by Lardo Boffin on Today at 13:49 »
Hello all

I recently got a spare 6128 for a reasonable price (untested) and it works apart from the external 12V cable - when I got it the disc drive didn’t work so after a bit of swapping around and plugging in an external drive I found it was the 12V cable. I borrowed the cable from my main 6128 and the drive worked fine.

Does anyone in the UK sell these?

If a replacement is not possible then what are the options? Would a gotek work ok as it only needs 5V? Given that they seem to be around £50 to £60 on a popular auction site are there any cheaper options?


Thanks. I will try to keep it as opened and expandable as possible and I hope it will be usefull for current hardwares, but also for upcoming ones.

Anyway, UniDOS 1.11 is now available from (this is mainly a bugfix release, no new feature yet).

Stay tuned, next release will integrate new features, taking into account various remarks from users and developpers. ;D

About working together, I actually tried to contact some guys who already did some work releated to FAT support, but with no success (I have no problem with that, everyone has its own priorities); so I decided to create a FatFs node on my own because I guess that supporting X-Mass was important.
Games / Re: Who Ate Rudy's Sandwich? [Game + Video Tutorial]
« Last post by pelrun on Today at 12:59 »
Precompensation is used to *ensure* the 0 bits are as close to twice the frequency as possible when played back, as the process of recording to physical tape screws it up a bit. For playing back a CDT from a PC directly into a CPC it's not needed :)

Actually, that probably explains any instances of transfers from CDT to actual tapes being less reliable than original mastered tapes, as the precomp isn't done and the error margin is reduced.
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