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Applications / Re: ImpDOS
« Last post by Ast on Yesterday at 21:40 »
For all of you, with love.
Technical Support / Re: CPC 464 - very quiet speaker audio
« Last post by gw0udm on Yesterday at 18:59 »
Thanks - that's a good tip. I'm going to replace a few of the capacitors around the amplifier as a first step
Just found a game I converted back in november 2020, must have forgot about it. :doh:
Rock'N Roller

Joypad 1 Button 2 to pause, any to unpause.

CHEAT MODE (Infinite Lives):
Wait for the game demo to start, at this time hold UP on joypad 1, only release it when you see the credits and blue screen appear in the design.
Thank you, i will take a look.
Demos / Re: Revision 2021 demo: Can Robots Take Control?
« Last post by krusty_benediction on Yesterday at 11:26 »
You can find the final version here:

There are not much changes:
- sound and/or crtc transition glitches depending on your CPC version are still there
- greetings logo has been updated
- one logo screen has a palette change

However, we have made some modifications regarding the disk support
- better synchronization with the music for fast drives
- fewer crashes when loading
- 3"5 disc only uses one side; you can still use the one of our previous demos ;)
- 3" disc version has been added; you can then watch the demo on a bare CPC ! WARNING there is no turn disc support. You have to manually flip the disc during the rotating 3d scene and during the display of the very last logo
- m4-cpcwifi version has been added;  there are two limitations: there is a sound glitch when loading files, the demo does not loop

@Optimus it should solve your issues
There are diodes behind the joystick ports to stop this, probably one of them has failed.

Type-in from the October 1986 issue of Hebdogicel magazine.
Program is Listed at the end of video.

If you like this type of program you can pay for a modern version here:


Not emulated - original hardware and software.

Please note that  the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: adaptor cable to connect 464 plus to LCD
« Last post by anyweb on Yesterday at 10:06 »
I found what I was looking for from ebay store here
As luck would have it, I bought some (plenty of) cheese this very morning, so I'm all set :D
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: adaptor cable to connect 464 plus to LCD
« Last post by eto on Yesterday at 00:12 »
hi,I recently got my hands on a 464 plus and want to connect it to my LCD (which I already connect my regular 464/664/6128 to), but the connector is not the same as on the earlier models,
does anyone know which connector i need to get, brownie points if you have an ebay link

See this page on the wiki:

Plenty of offers on Ebay:
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