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Games / Re: Adapting loading screens that sucked.
« Last post by Brundij on Today at 02:56 »
Did Chase HQ ever get fixed? that loading screen was shocking especially compared to the box art which would look great in mode 0
I'm putting that one next on my list. Unless someone did it already.  :P I'll try to do one with the box art, and then adapt the C64 one for the CPC. The one they used has it's charm though.
Thanks very much.

Just had a little play, and this may well do the job.   There are a couple of 'oddities' that are not too friendly, , but I'll have to work around them.

I assume the reference to 'Headers' is a CPC thing.   If I'm dealing with PCW/CP/M files then I disregard that.

Not sure about the Binary/ASCII thing, I'd need to always leave the file unaltered.   Is that what the 'User Choice' refers to, i.e. leave along.

Shame, I didn't realise this was on or I would've entered something :) Next year, maybe?
Hi Geoff, I use to open images and add files. I hope it helps you
What's the most convenient way to add, or extract, files from an image.

I can do this no problem, using Joyce with 'folder' drives active so I can use an image within Joyce and copy files in/out to the folder drive (i.e. C:) which are then accessible via DOS/WinDoze when I exit Joyce.

Or, within Joyce, there are the IMPORT/EXPORT utilites.

Maybe a little bit more long winded, using the real PCW, I could copy files to a real floppy and then create an image it it, or the other direction, take an existing image and write it to a real disk, then extract files to another disk I can read directly on a PC.

BUT - is there any software (not a full emulator) that you can run on a PC that can access an image (.DSK) and access indiv files and add files, or copy off indiv ones.   Again, no problem to 'inspect' the image, I can just use a hex editor on the image file and see what files are there, and even get an idea of the size of them from the alloc info.

In case you would like to have Fire 3 (called Spare) then you just need to solder in one more diode by yourself.
Programming / Re: FutureOS corner
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 00:57 »
And now we got Caruh with Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish (alphabetically sorted). See (Downloads).
Also some small demo Tasks are on the disc. Have a look and enjoy.
More Tasks are about to come...  :) :) :)
Well, maybe a small game is coming up during the next months... At least it got started.  :)
It's a shame nobody entered the competition :(
Yes, you can read but don't write to the joystick port on Amstrad Plus, because the diodes. And probably the key clash is more problematic with combined directions hold than just pressing fire.
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