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Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Gate array decapped!
Last post by GUNHED - Today at 23:55
Right, but I couldn't find any stock of that chip on the net.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC WiFi
Last post by GUNHED - Today at 23:54
I'll have a try. Thanks.  :)
Quote from: revaldinho on Today at 11:27How about these?

Thanks, will keep my eye out for some old school paper copies. The understanding and expanding your amstrad looks interesting. Project six, the Parallel Transfer Control and the later CPCNET look like a challenge for me. Has anyone recreated any of the projects?
Other retro / Re: Axel's Chipsound Fantasies
Last post by villain - Today at 22:33
Quote from: Axel on Yesterday at 15:34@ Villain:

Hey, ich habe mir jetzt noch spontan den "Bonus Dreck" (haha) auf Strandgeschwafel gegönnt. Zartes Vogelgezwitscher, einlullendes Glockenspiel und fröhliche Menschengeräusche! Doch gleich danach nochmal das fesche "Aische". Wer von euch hat das gesungen?

Ich habe gestern mal in meinen deutschen Sachen gewühlt und werde nach und nach ein paar Auserwählte auf meinen Kanal hochladen, evtl. noch ein einfaches Video dazu. Evtl. nächste Woche schon ein bis zwei online. Deine Meinung dazu interessiert mich sehr.
Da singt und rappt das Kangaroo... :-)

Bin gespannt, sag Bescheid!
Hello Bryce

I checked for continuity at all the locations shown in the Flickr links below :

Stepper Motor cable socket on the drive board

Main cable and Power cable attachment pins

Stepper Motor Cable ends

I also took the soldering iron to wet the locations.  The other side of the board looks like this

The continuity is there. I also took the mainboard out to check for any issues, but I could not see any with the magnifying glass

As soon as the videos have uploaded, I will add the links to this post.

Sadly I still have the erratic movement of the Head issue.

Thanks for the help so far.

Best regards


Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Gate array decapped!
Last post by TotO - Today at 20:24
Currently, it is more interresting to buy a real 40010.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC WiFi
Last post by Duke - Today at 18:11
Quote from: GUNHED on Today at 17:41
Quote from: Duke on 07:31, 08 August 22
Quote from: GUNHED on 23:06, 07 August 22About Switching to sub directory and then back to root in the M4 SD-card:

The example in Dukes provious post works great to switch to any kind of sub-directory.
But somehow I don't manage to switch back the path to the root directory of the SD card.

Well, I tried:
- "/"
- " / "
- &00,&00

How can I switch to the root directory of the SD card?
Can somebody please let me know which string to enter to go back to the M4 root directory?
Are you using C_CD command?

Yes. Which parameter do I need to use if I want to switch from a subdirectory (of a subdirectory) back to root?
You can use "/",0 or "\",0 to go back to root directory.
And "..",0 to go back one sub-directory.

This is what the |CD rsx command uses. You can see how it works in the m4rom source aswell. Maybe you need to reset C_DIRSETARGS, if it fails to work for displaying your directory.
In case the last couple of posts weren't clear, this is now working perfectly 🙂
Emulators / Re: CPCEC a new emulator from ...
Last post by GUNHED - Today at 17:57
What this emulator really needs is a comfortable ROM selection option. like all modern emulators have.  :) :) :) Anything else... this one could be the killer app!  :) :) :)
Quote from: Axelay on Today at 14:10I remember Dark Star used the stereo on the enemy firing sound effects so the sound tracked left or right with the on screen position of the shots.  I always thought that was pretty neat, and a bit of a shame no other game I came across back then did anything like that.
Yup, use that for my games too. Of course the CPC does have the 3,5 plug to be used. The internal speaker is just for regular work.  :)
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