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Programming / Re: Any interest in a CPC reve...
Last post by roudoudou - Today at 00:31

you may use Winape Session replay to make an almost full walkpath in the game, then you are pretty sure the emulator will execute all he has to do
by tagging memory address of executed opcodes, you will have all code zone (data is everything else)
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Last post by iXien - Today at 00:17
It's been a long time I was awaiting for such a great update of


Thanks to @dragon , the dream comes true. Yes, this game has been already patched but with accelerate/brake using up/down. It's ok playing with a joystick, but it's just impossible using the joypad. At last, here is a version with the good controls :

J1LEFT/RIGHT = steer left/right
J1B1 = Accelerate
J1B2 = Brake
J1UP = Gear up
J1DOWN = Gear Down

I really consider this motorcycle race game as the Hang On of the CPC, smooth and fast. And now with this gameplay, Super Cycle is as comfortable to play as the famous game from Sega. The archive includes the first patched version too, for those who are using a 2 button joystick and prefer to press up to accelerate  ;)

Ok, just one more before going to bed  8)
Games / Re: Oh Chute (WIP)
Last post by Animalgril987 - Today at 00:14
Makes we wish I had a Plus...
Programming / Re: Any interest in a CPC reve...
Last post by Richard_Lloyd - Yesterday at 23:35
A big YES from me!
Games / Re: It's time the Amstrad comm...
Last post by dthrone - Yesterday at 23:27
Quote from: Anthony Flack on Yesterday at 22:31I was idly wondering if the Plus machine was up for doing a version of Super Hang-On similar to the Amiga version, with all bikes drawn with sprites and the road done with line-by-line scrolling in hardware. But I haven't done any messing around with Plus programming yet.

Yes, completely, using the DMA interrupts to colour cycle and scroll by scanline in overscan at 50fps.  I know because I have it running here right now ;)  Just ensure A13=1 :P
Programming / Re: Any interest in a CPC reve...
Last post by Animalgril987 - Yesterday at 23:21
I am also interested  :D
News & Events / Re: Memory Full: a book about ...
Last post by Ast - Yesterday at 23:20
Yeahhh baby yeah !
News & Events / Memory Full: a book about the ...
Last post by Hicks - Yesterday at 22:56
I have just finished writing my book on the history of Amstrad CPC demoscene, which is only in French for the moment. An English translation could be done later if there are many requests.

I'm copying an English summary here, and I invite you to support the project by clicking on the link below, for those who speak French. Thanks!

When and how did demomaking appear on Amstrad CPC? Were demo coders more brilliant than game programmers? What did the famous meetings consist of? Why did it all fall apart in 1993?

In this first volume of Memory Full, Hicks traces the history of the Amstrad CPC demoscene from 1984 to 1997, and immerses us in the atmosphere of the time through the memories and testimonies of the CPCers active during that period.

Over 180 pages richly illustrated by Hwikaa, the book follows the evolution of the scene in a chronological way, looking at the role and importance of fanzines, meetings, swappers and associations, while offering accessible technical analysis to better measure the value of the different demos.

Pre-order your copy of Memory Full 1 on Ulule now!
I can appreciate that each machine had its own niche.

For a kid learning to program, you couldn't ask for better than a CPC. Great BASIC, excellent manual, its own RGB monitor and 80 column text. If you wanted something for serious work, word processing, home office etc, the CPC would have been a great choice too. It's the reason I have a career in the game industry today, I'm sure.

The c64 had amazing custom chips that resembled arcade hardware. It could do certain kinds of sprite games with smooth motion that made other computer owners envious and it has arguably the rockingest and most distinctive sound chip of all time. Sounded actually good when other machines struggled not to offend the ears.

The 48k Spectrum is a beautiful example of a tiny, cheap design that punched above its weight and made computing affordable to a generation of kids who otherwise would have missed out. I love Sir Clive's original idea for the computer being something that technicians might carry around in their pocket, like an advanced scientific calculator. Such a dork, Sir Clive. As it was it was the computer that almost single-handedly bootstrapped the UK games industry.
Off topic / Re: Which 3D printing service ...
Last post by SkulleateR - Yesterday at 22:54
Used a lot ... Fair prices and good results :)
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