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Pics attached of final results
This hasn't really been clearly documented anywhere, so I found some bits and pieces and managed to connect my CTM640 to my RGB PI module over the weekend.

Details and references:

VGA uses split Horizontal and Vertical sync signals. The best way I found to combine them into a single sync signal was via a transistor, as detailed here:

The CTM also utilises a luminance signal. Aronldemu nailed the resistor values here, combining VGA RGB outputs via resistors into a single signal

Final circuit diagram below:
Demos / Re: Collection of pictures for...
Last post by lmimmfn - Yesterday at 23:09
Quote from: norecess464 on Yesterday at 17:13
Quote from: lmimmfn on Yesterday at 13:59What were they thinking with the original?, lol, its worse than something created in MS Paint.
New one looks stunning.
I think it's not fair to compare an image created in 1985 (remember: no OCP etc.) vs. an image created nowadays using modern tools :)

Ahh no, I understand the time and tools available and programmer is doing art etc., but no I still think its low effort 😀

A good thread would be worst loading screens 😀
is there a downloadable version of Symbos with the CP/M compatability yet?
Is there a deep black on Amstrad monitors?
Even when they're off, they are light gray  ;D
Programming / CPCTelera Manjaro VM
Last post by IndyUK - Yesterday at 21:34
Hi Folks,

I've downloaded and installed the CPCTelera Manjaro VM as I like the idea of having a dedicated CPC dev environment. However, I'm getting the following error being reported in VS Code - see screenshot.

I don't think this is an actual error as if I "make" the project in Terminal it compiles fine but, I'd like to use VS Code as the editor and do all my work within. Can anyone suggest what I need to do to fix this please? Personally I thought this would all be setup ready to use out of the box but, clearly not.

Thanks in advance.
Programming / Re: Game Mod Challenges
Last post by zhulien - Yesterday at 20:54
Quote from: abalore on Yesterday at 19:51A faster Saboteur. I think it emulates the spectrum display, the drawing routines should be replaced by native ones.
that's an awesome game I can complete sometimes, yes, it has horrible jerky drawing routines
Demos / Re: Collection of pictures for...
Last post by dodogildo - Yesterday at 20:53
These new images are so beautiful that anyone playing the game might feel cheated.  
Demos / Re: Collection of pictures for...
Last post by abalore - Yesterday at 20:35
This is a semantic discussion. If you understand the new creations are "replacements" you have reasons to complain. If you see them as "tributes", as I do, all is ok
Demos / Re: Collection of pictures for...
Last post by HAL6128 - Yesterday at 20:08
Don't want to say that TITAN should stop creating images 
 On the contrary, keep on going! It's an enrichment to this forum and/our beloved CPC scene.
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