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Programming / Amstrad Github? or where to share the code?
« Last post by enteka on Yesterday at 19:23 »
As I advance on my gamebook, I'm starting to wonder where I could share my program and other files attached. I might end up sharing it in my gopher and webpage and such, but I was wondering if there was a specific hub for the Amstrad or 8 bit enthusiast... You know, not to re-invent the wheel and all that.
Games / I think I have it now
« Last post by enteka on Yesterday at 19:18 »
Just tested a partial implementaion of the game and it's all working, well enough. Errors seem know to arise from  badly formated files and other data, the logic is not yet robust but it works
Main program file size is about 11K now, but 25% of the game is done and the new sections of the gamebook take less and less space (as most of the text is on seperate files)
Also, I'm probably not doing a version for tape as I cannot see how I could make that not to freaking slow
Other retro / Re: Retro Rant - Gaming Review Youtube Channel
« Last post by manossg on Yesterday at 19:16 »
A windows port? With the same levels? :D

Any links?
Other retro / Re: Retro Rant - Gaming Review Youtube Channel
« Last post by Gryzor on Yesterday at 19:08 »
Oooh I loved this so much on the ST! Was recently playing a Windows port!
Classifieds / Re: Selling some of my collection
« Last post by Maniac on Yesterday at 19:00 »
Last 24 hours or so left on my eBay listings! Some bargains still to be had! Willing to accept sensible offers - I’m not going to be greedy!

Thank you to any of you that may already be bidding or purchased.
Other retro / Re: Retro Rant - Gaming Review Youtube Channel
« Last post by manossg on Yesterday at 18:53 »
For this review we will be taking a look at Pushover, my favourite Amiga puzzler of all time (yes, even more than Lemmings).
I think you need to change:

Line 7: replace FE with FF (it is the high byte of the port)
Lines 59 and 73: replace BC and BE with the low byte of the register select addresses for OPL3 bank 1 and bank 2

@Pulko, nowadays trying to mod your VGMplayer to AMSDAP/MoonSound ports... if i cannot, I'm bad with assembler, I will cry to you ha ha ha
Please add me to the list. Add some boards for me, please...
one for edge , one for centronics and the third for mx4... all with (3d printed) case and Reset button. I'll buy some new C4CPC Yeahhh
A standard , re-birth... CPR , thanks Gerald and gx4000 people. And now Abalore.
(I suppose that famous "gx4000 ports" (not plus features) of CPC Classic works without problem)
Thanks for your great idea, Abalore

CPR for all the People !!!!
Fast Food for our loved system ha ha ha  ;D
if works, will be a Must Be Done for emulators
Thank you!!

The difference between standard and system disks is the name of sectors (&c1-&c9 and &41-&49). Maybe you can support any kind of parameter.
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