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Programming / Re: Contributors
« Last post by GUNHED on 20:54, 19 January 22 »

Really? I still do this, I thought I learned individually was quicker from the tutorials I did, but there was a lot to take in so may have misremembered. Or it different when the source is a register?

This document can help...

GFX + Tunes / Re: Software for Graphics and Sounds used for CPC creation.
« Last post by GUNHED on 20:46, 19 January 22 »
ASCII art? Well, if this counts a GFX too (and on the CPC it's a 'must be'), then in addition to all mentioned apps. I use FutureTex for that. It has a character generator, works with characters sets and can display all 256 possible characters on screen (as the text editor it is). If there is some interest, then I can record a video of that.
Hardware related / Re: RGB connection a bit flaky
« Last post by Bryce on 20:18, 19 January 22 »
The can of contact cleaner wasn't wasted money, it's always good to have a can to hand when you need it.

Hardware related / Re: RGB connection a bit flaky
« Last post by peteb999 on 19:37, 19 January 22 »
The contact cleaner can came today so I blasted loads in the socket.   Unfortunately it didn't make it any better though it has made putting the cable into the socket a lot easier.
I took the CPC apart and re-soldered the dry joints.   Put it back together and turned it on - the picture is now perfect and is rock solid.
Thank you very much for the advice Bryce, it is much appreciated.
I just need a replacement i key for the keyboard and it will be complete.
GFX + Tunes / Re: Software for Graphics and Sounds used for CPC creation.
« Last post by Nworc on 19:28, 19 January 22 »
@rexbeng thank you for presenting this. Wow, this art is so beautiful !

Your insights in the way of working is an interesting read - really being open minded.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Amstrad CPC 464 missing I key
« Last post by peteb999 on 19:19, 19 January 22 »
Thanks Angelcaio.      I don't know anyone who has got a 3D printer but the key does look good.
Programming / Re: Contributors
« Last post by Nworc on 19:17, 19 January 22 »
Quote from: Prodatron
It's nice to see you back! And I am still using your Cruncher btw :)

Hi Prodatron, nice to see you here! And thanx for the welcome.
General Discussion - Introductions / New Member from the Midlands
« Last post by SteJ on 18:49, 19 January 22 »
Greetings all,

Having stumbled over Xyphoe's streams a couple of weeks back I got all misty eyed and have been binging on YouTube videos, old Amstrad Actions and all the rest of it.  I usually lurk on any forums I visit but decided to reach out and share the memories of playing games on a green screen, and assuming that The Blue's Brothers was all green.  Does anybody remember the bug in the AA cover tape that made level four uncompleteable or did I miss a trick in not completing it?

Anyway, I could babble on all day but I shall stop at that and also be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction (as I haven't had too much time to search the forums yet) of any contacts for Amstrad magazines, or tet adventure programmers who may be in need of a writer as I have a pasionate for that. I would also love to learn BASIC as well if anyone knows of some good resources for that.

I'm looking forward to chatting to you all soon!
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more
« Last post by TechRyze on 17:45, 19 January 22 »
Hi @gerald ,

I've wanted a C4CPC for a very long time, and would definitely like to express my interest here - please let me know once one is available to sell to me in the UK.

Games / Re: USIfAC ii Direct Load games
« Last post by ikonsgr on 17:32, 19 January 22 »
I just tried Xybots with my CPC464 and my (yet in development) 512k Ram expansion, and works fine. Without extra ram, it loads boot screen, plays music but it stuck there. So it seems that this game also needs 128k...  ::)
Also, most of the games that needs 128k also load fine with extra 512k ram like star sabre, target renegade, shinobi and operation wolf. Finally some games, seem to need  a cpc 6128 explicitly (like RTYPE 128 or ORION), as they initially load ok, but then they either stuck or have playbility problems.
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