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@norecess - Your wishes had become true :-)
You can now listen to every track for 20 seconds

Well done @kangaroo , exactly what Roland Radio needed !! Awesome

Hmm, actually I'm experiencing issues. Sometimes when I hit the play button, nothing happens. Worse, when I try to click another button, now the UI shows 2 playing musics. If this can help, I'm using Firefox using Linux (FYI the small embedded radio web-player works well).

That is due to the technique and scripts i am using to do this feature.

To avoid a "if file exists"-query i just display the play/pause-Button if the file exists or not. So as the file is generated right after the start of the playout on the stream, it happens that titles not played yet dont have a file to play. Maybe i should set up a "if file exists"-cause anyway.

I run a cron job for cutting every file into its 20 second piece on the webserver - this is triggered every minute. That means from the time the title is listed in the playlist it can take up t 60 seconds until the file is generated and playable through the play/pause button. But i will try to optimize this feature today..


--- Quote from: Targhan on 00:57, 09 April 20 ---Please forget about YM... This a terrible format, too error prone, most YM are badly encoded, at the wrong framerate. Many songs do NOT song the same on YM (think about these strange players of the Codemasters game). Using YM will bring the quality down.

--- End quote ---
What do you suggest instead?


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