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Members now can rate titles on RolandRadio

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To generate a Top-20 and to do some "Best of the best"-Shows we added the possibliity to rate titles.

Check our our new playlist:
Also the rating is now included into the artist page

It's nice @kangaroo  ! Setting stars for a song is great mechanism, and in the long-term this has potential to twist the database to something great and representative.

Unfortunately, there is no "Play" button to hear the preview of a song ; so it gets a little bit complicated to "vote". Example: OK I enjoy the music from Star Sabre game from Targhan, and I would not mind listening it few times in the coming days. But what was it, did I enjoy music from the main menu or the game?! can't recall it. etc. without audio preview, it's getting hard.

I am planning to put kind of "preview/hear" mp3s on every title to give the chance to listen to music even if it is not played on the stream.

What i have to do:
if a track is played by the automation-system. start a script, copy the original-file to a temp-directory, rename this to the RRID, convert it to MP3, cut the first 20 seconds off, jump 20 seconds forward and cut the rest and safe this "snippet" to RRID-snippet.mp3.

Then i will be able to link this file with an html5-audio-player so everone can "prehear" the track for voting or also for a request.
Also i want to make the mp3 of the full track downloadable maybe also with the source-file as stk. 128 .st files or Ym. dont know if someone has a large collection of the YMs

But that is what i want to do "next" - after i have finnished the Rate Tracks and generate a Top20-List.

Please forget about YM... This a terrible format, too error prone, most YM are badly encoded, at the wrong framerate. Many songs do NOT song the same on YM (think about these strange players of the Codemasters game). Using YM will bring the quality down.

OK. Then i go for the original tracker files?
Maybe you can contribute some?
I first have to find a way to get my 3"-Discs to my PC-System to get to my tracker files.


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